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Heavy Metal!

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Dum dum daaaa! Dum dum da daaa! Dum dum daaaa! Dum dum da!!!!


Anyway, I would like to take Heavy Metal out for a spin.

He is going to be Supercapes arch Nemesis but I dont fancy doing a solo thread with him quite yet (unless anyone is offering to use him in a thread they GM).

Just to road test him and ease him in for development, I would like to use him as a nasty villain for a slightly combat-heavy thread, see how things go.

Heavy Metal is PL 12, with a rather robust high PP build. He would be suitable for a PL 12/13 solo character, or a couple of PL 10/11 characters.

If any players have electromagnetic attacks, that would be very interesting and fun - as long as you can bear the horror and frustration (and would have to make adjustments for that to story and player mix).

Wont be a particularly long or social thread, keeping it fairly straight.

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Ill leave this open in case one other PL 8-10 wants to join, although I may have to give HM one or two very slight situational advantages if he is fighting against three bruisers.

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OK Ill set this up imminently.

Wisp, Revenant, and CHeshire Blade.

As thats three PL10s against a PL12, I will be throwing in a bit of plot to bump up Heavy Metal (like minions or nasty environments, or something... as soon as I work out what that will be!).

Apologies to Cryoa / Torque.

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