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Northern Hospitality (IC)

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The principles of geometric influence on magic date back thousands of years, and their properties are... bleh...

Marcus was pacing back and forth in the library, reading. It had become a common pastime with him during the summer, and he was starting to learn quite a bit when it came to magical interaction with the physical world. His own powers were physical in nature; the Beast Rune, from what he had pieced together during the end of his sophomore year at Claremont, was a wildly cross-referenced phenomenon. Lycanthropy and shapeshifting were at the top of the list, and there were even instances of psychics being able to pull off what was called 'psychometabolic changing', altering the physical body through mental strength and will.

It was all very confusing.

Despite it all, though, he'd managed to help ward the Parkhurst Hotel rather well. He wasn't slinging fireballs or calling down lightning, but when it came to practical applications of magic, he was starting to catch on pretty quickly.

The natural range of a ward is relies on several factors, including geographical ley lines and... ...?

Marcus lowered the book, standing not too far from the window. Glancing outside, a single eyebrow rose. A visitor? Can't even get a pizza delivered here and there's a visitor. Huh.

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