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Public Anomie [OOC]

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All right, here's what everyone who got over a 20 on their respective rolls got:

Kyle Trieve is the lead singer for Signal Fire, a street punk act based out of Lantern Hill. The band's cranked out a few EPs that have gotten rave reviews in the local papers, and were recently picked up for distribution by Epitaph Records. In the weeks after that happened, however, Trieve announced the band was calling it quits without giving much of a reason.

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Ironclad has +15 Know/Tech and +15 Craft.../Mechanical is her best. Obscure Flawed to One Sense (normal Auditory) gives us 2 ranks per PP; Flaw it further to Range/Touch makes it 3 ranks per PP. So let's try this.

Obscure 6 (Auditory; 250 ft radius; Feat: Progression [save] 4; Flaws: Normal Auditory Only, Range/Touch) [6PP]

As I see it, that should be a +10 Power Check to counteract any Auditory Mind Control this guy has. TT, you concur?

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If it's a sonic mind control thing, you probably wouldn't want to exclude the sounds outside the range of normal hearing, since the mind control wave could be on an infra- or ultrasonic frequency.

And I'm not sure Progression (Save) would work for increasing the effective rank for countering other stuff.

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With Archy's advice in mind, Ironclad's gonna make one of these.

Obscure 6 (Auditory; 250 ft radius; Flaws: Range/Touch) [3PP]

Invention Design check, vs DC 13. (1d20+15=20) There was literally no way that could fail.

Invention Construction check using Craft/Mechanical, vs DC 18 (1d20+15=35) Even taking +5 to the DC in order to half the construction time, that came out magnificently.

So Ironclad's in her workshop for 3 + 6 = 9 hours, working.

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Ok, Crow's going to do a little legwork and check the Claremont grapevine as well, see who's suffered similar symptoms among the music set, or if there are any similar stories being bandied about! Note, Crow has Skill Mastery, so he can Take 10 in a pinch, but with a +6, I'm going to try rolling it. ;) He does all this before heading out to the club, and he'll be there regardless of what he gets; what answers he gets will dictate what he brings with him. :D

Gather Information check! (1d20+6=20) Woot.

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Okay, here's what Crow gets:

Crow's heard a few rumors along the grapevine, mainly involving students who disappeared from their local scenes for some time, only to renounce their interests and start pursuing "normal" interests like sports and more typical extracurriculars. The sources are diverse - one of the Goth students in the remedial magic course, a member of the gaming club, and so forth.

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Ironclad can use Skill Mastery to Take 10 on that Notice check, for a result of 20. As for Gather Intelligence... Ironclad's Gather Information check. (1d20+2=11) Yeah. There's a reason she usually talks to computers instead of people.

Time for the tech-head to do what she does best. Using Datalink to hack into the club's computer system, Skill Mastery on Computers nets her a 30 for that, and her Mental Quickness lets her do it 100 times faster than normal. Until then she'll chill back at the bar and watch. Oh yeah, and use that same Mental Quickness to Take 20 on Notice checks through the cameras every round, for a result of 30.

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Okay, here's what Ironclad gets:

Kids have been dropping out of the scene. Those who see them afterwards find they what nothing to do with their old involvement in the subculture.

Here's what Cannonade and Silhouette get:

It's not just in the punk scene, but in all sorts of subcultures. Goths, roleplaying geeks, rappers, metal heads... even some gangsters are rumored to be missing.

And here's what Crow gets:

Those who've been keeping their ears open say that a lot of the people who've dropped out are teens whose parents have gotten them into therapy. A place by the name of the Faith Wilkins Center keeps coming up.

And now onto Notice checks. What Cannonade and Silhouette see:

The dance floor's busy, the club's dark, and shadows are being cast everywhere. But up in what used to be an alcove and is now an office, the shadows dancing behind the translucent windows are different. They look a bit like two people involved in a fight.

And what Ironclad sees:

Ironclad is able to cycle through the cameras - to the bar, to the front door, to right outside the bathrooms... to the main office, where a woman in her early 30s in Goth wear seems to be kept in a stranglehold by a man wearing blue and black Kevlar.

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