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Claremonters - Looking for RP & Adventure


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This is mostly for Claremont crew since that's the group he's in...

As soon as the lower PL version of Torque goes in, looking to do a bunch of threads. Looking to see who is interested in A) RP or B) Adventure/combat/investigations/etc. Or maybe both. Note: I'd like to keep max of 3-4 people per thread (though I have in mind options for several different ones). I certainly post enough to handle them all.

So, let me know.

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Ok, my idea has kind of expanded somewhat... ;)

These will actually include some intro bits to plot coming down the way...

Anyway, I'm thinking of splitting this into multiple threads. With only 2-3 char per thread that should hopefully make it easier. If anyone else hops in, I'll make some adjustments. There will be both RP and combat/action stuff in all threads so everyone can have fun.

Here's my idea for groupings:

* Changeling & Arcturus in a separate thread; they are a bit more powerful than the rest of the Claremont crew. (Will be meeting at an occult bookstore in the city, one that deals with actual magic since you have that in common...things will progress from there.)

* Torque & Wisp (Start out as discussing drawings/tech as discussed...progress from there.)

* Torque, Lotus & Myrmadon (...well, if we need those two to start dating, they need to be in some threads together! (kidding). Anyway: trip to the mall (for one reason or another) ...progress from there.)

* Lucid & Torque? not sure where to go with this one yet. Suggestions are welcome!

These aren't set in stone, just a quick look over. Problems or suggestions, let me know. If anyone else hops in, I'll work them in somehow.

I'm planning on starting these all up when I get back (on Monday night/Tuesday).

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Here's the long and short:

Heritage and I are setting up a private thread to pre-date whatever happens here, as well as whatever comes up from the other campaign discussion thread I put up not too long ago. This'll help us play the characters better given external interactions.

Then come any threads with you or other claremonters.

Off the bat, got any good ideas? (not sure what from this thread still has to get run or still hasn't gotten used, etc).

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