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Haute Cuisine (OOC)


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NO blunder!

As I understand it (and we all get things wrong, rules open to interpretation etc), Knowledge rolls can be a reaction (or an action). Gather Information is always an action - and usually one which takes some time (the Connected feat reduces it to a few minutes).

Well Informed feat would allow use of Gather INformation as a sort of reaction.

So if you see somebody, you could make a knowledge roll to see if you know something about them (in Rene's case, that he is an artist). Gather Information would be - look at that chap there, I'm going to find out what I can about him, call some people up, ask questions, etc.

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–2 to Str and Dex, –1 to attack and defense, and cannot move all out

As its a poison, we will both need to repeat that save in a minutes time... we arent in a combat so I will make that somewhat arbitary. Although combat may not be far off...

Bear in mind a HP can shake off fatigue.

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Couple of rolls here:

The Silencer is fairly famous, but could you make a Knowledge (Streetwise) roll for how much you know about him and his mob connection. This can be untrained.

1d20+1=4 for Rene. The ignorant old man!

Once thats over with, moving into combat.

The Bad News: Surprise round!

The Good News: Silencer is without his armoured suit (it would give him away), and furthermore he needs that Surprise round to pull his Weapon.

Rene however has danger sense

1d20+10=16 which just kicks in, meaning he can act in Surprise round.

Initiative rolls please!

1d20+2=18 for Rene

1d20+6=15 for the Silencer

Rene Surprise action will be straightforward, drawing out his magic paintbrush, so we move into normal activity. Could you roll initiative please? :D

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Thats a big old miss Im afraid :( Silencer has a nasty old Defence of 14

Rene up next, using complication: Artistic! going for sub-optimal tactics, to say the least! gaining an HP and painting illusion onto the room as a standard action.

1d20=2 however the picture isn't complete this round...

Silencer responds:

Move action: Startle King of Suits:

Standard Action: Sonic Stun of King of Suits (Shifted +3 DC, -3 Attack)

STartle: 1d20+6=14 resist that with highest of Will, Sense Motive or Intimidate (in your case +5) to avoid being flat footed.

Stun attack: 1d20+9=12 looks pretty weak...

Incidentally, It may be me but I am having a little trouble with King of Suits sheet, e.g. Toughness Save misses out his armoured suit (Which I presume he is without, like the Silencer). So forgive me if I make any mistakes. It lookes to me that King's Defence is +4, +2 flat footed, i.e. if SIlencer manages to startle you, his stun will hit...

If it does, thats a DC 19 Fort save - dazed/stunned/unconscious (And gain an hp!) depending on result.

Leave rolls to you (and any hp burning!)

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You dont need to roll defence (I think its an optional rule in Masterminds Manual, but not used here, and I dont think anybody uses it elsewhere ;) )

Your defence is fixed at 10+modifiers (4 in this case) [exception if you are helpless]... so in this case the Silencer will miss!

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Personally, I tend to give players a fair bit of leeway in that regard (partially as I have a narrativist rather than simulationist/gamist bent and background to RPGs).

As long as you don'd bend, munchkin, or screw with the scene, it can follow your lead.

So, I would say a Kitchen probably has three doors: one back door outside, one to the main restaurant, and one to the Larder. If you can come up with anything else plausible, go for it.

There will be tables, chopping boards, fridges, kitchen knives, foodstuffs, etc all at your (or the Silencers) disposal!

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As per chat, scratch that and going for Disarm?

By the way, a disarm is a standard action, so you always have the option of a move action, such as a feint (bluff) or intimidate.


Disarm Attacks are made as a standard attack (your unarmed in this case? - you could use a ranged attack at a -4 penalty). As normal, you have the option of shifting your attack / DC.

If you hit, its opposed rolls, your 1d20+"Damage" of your attack (no actual damage done), versus Silencers Strength which in this case is +2

If you win, he is disarmed, and you have the gun!

Bear in mind the drug has left you poisoned, -2 STR and -1 attack/defence (fatigued), so all attack rolls at -1, and your unarmed damage is at -1 too.

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