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Same old, same old (IC)

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Dark Star flashed through the depths of space. He didn’t have any particular destination in mind; just zipping through something of a ‘patrol’ he supposed just like most heroes on Earth would. His ‘territory’ was a tad bigger was all. And just like the heroes on Earth, he wasn’t the only good guy out here but, just like there, he was often on his own. And today he wasn’t being quite as leisurely with his flight speeds as normal. After all, he was rather eager and interested to get home. There were two beautiful ladies waiting for him! Needless to say, all of his outings of late had been rather rushed and hasty to some degree.

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He was on the outskirt of the more ‘civilized’ region of near space. Where the various star empires ended and the untamed and unclaimed areas tended to be. It was also where some of the more difficult and annoying threats tended to lurk, hence Dark Star’s tendency to visit them. An usually it was just a quiet zip through the various systems.

This was not one of those times unfortunately. Ahead he could already detect the signatures of multiple vessels and weapons firing. Without pause, he shifted course and headed right in. Given his speeds, it took only a moment to cross the few lightyears.

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As he zipped in closer, it was easy to see dozens of smaller vessels as well as a couple bigger ones swarming around two sizable ships. Missiles and energy beams were flashing every which way. Minor explosions sent shockwaves through space. It was dangerously chaotic.

Dark Star had learned long ago to not assume anything when entering volatile and often violent situations. That and his personal philosophy and tendency towards non-violence had led to his standard procedure when entering a situation.

He flew right into the heart of the violent maelstrom and floated there before broadcasting to all ship. “Attention all vessels participating in this conflict. This is Dark Star. Please stop all violence immediately before anyone gets hurt. I do not wish to take drastic steps to ensure this.†He waited a very long moment as he hoped everyone would come to their senses and stop all this.

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Now, it was a sad fact that Dark Star often faced that was that in situations such as these, people failed to see reason. Often enough someone would open fire on either him or their original target. However, this wasn’t one of those times. This time everyone turned and opened fire on him! They had seemingly decided to ignore each other and focused all of their firepower at him.

Despite his dislike of violence, he was still prepared for it. He ignored the missile fire and evaded some of the energy beams. Those that connected, he manage to shrug off and absorb the energy without taking any significant damage.

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Sighing, Dark Star shook his head in regret. People never learned that violence was not the answer. Now he had to find a way to stop this without anyone getting hurt. He quickly turned and let off a large blast of energy; the beam slamming through the engine housing of the bigger vessel, crippling it and setting it to drift.

He immediately swooped up and over, targeting the other massive vessel with the same attack. He wasn’t quite as effective though. The ship staggered and the engine flickered briefly but managed to keep its power and continued to fire. It did turn and start limping away even as its weapons glowed, preparing to fire.

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The smaller ships, more fighter-like in design and function turned to attack and harry the energy-based hero. While the smaller weapons were not as powerful or as dangerous to Dark Star, they couldn’t exactly be ignored either. Enough of them could and likely would hurt him if they could concentrate their fire.

The larger vessels, barring the crippled one, turned as headed away. Using the fighters as a screen, they began charging up their engines to make good their escape. Even before the fighters had finished their screening run, the larger vessels flashed and disappeared quickly as they jump out of the system.

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