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Death Trap I (Solo)

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Jade Dragon woke up to find herself hanging over a vat of some green soupy liquid. The smell was horrible, like all the fetid cheese ever. Her wrists were bound and she was sans her costume and grappling gun. The only thing she had on was a black spandex bra and shorts. Across from her was a scientific looking fellow pulling some levers and pushing some buttons. Jade Dragon needed to remember how she got in this situation. She also needed to get out of this trap before she was dumped in... whatever that was below her. She tried to yell at the man across the way, but the light thrumming she heard in her ears was actually louder than she thought. she couldn't hear herself speak! The mad scientist looking dude looked like he was oblivious to the whole situation. She thought hard as she squeezed her eyes and went into her mind, Remember, remember... REMEMBER!

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Her mind took her back to the beginning. Eve was about to go on her morning run when she found a package with the Jade Dragon name on it. Confused, she opened the package up. In it, she found some kind of locator device and a note. "Eve, follow this device. This is the first test." Eve was confused. What did this mean? She had to admit, she was curious. But she also remembered what people said about curiosity and cats. She sighed and took the bait, hook line and sinker. She followed the directional device until she was at a helipad in the middle of Wharton Forest. Awkward, she had never seen or heard about this before. Some men in black suits welcomed her by name, "Ms. Kurosawa, we've been expecting you. Welcome to your flight." But there was no helicopter there! At least, that's what she thought before the men clicked a remote and a small carrier appeared. She was shocked. She questioned them about what this was all about. They explained that Dr Sin had been watching her baby steps and would like to improve upon them. Dr Sin? Really? That guy was only peart of stories from the 60s, though no one had ever seen him. Most people thought he was a myth. She had to see what was going on.

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Jade Dragon left Freedom City behind as the carrier landed on a deserted island somewhere in the in the middle of nowhere in the warm waters of the Pacific. Though she didn't get to take in the tropical atmosphere for long, she was lead deep underground. The metal hall lead to a metal elevator that lead down. It was all so cold and scientific. Though she was quiet taking in everything. The guards seemingly disappeared as gas began to fill the elevator and everything went dark. And now she was here. She had no sense of time. Hopefully it was only a few hours later.But she had more important matters to worry about. like getting out of this trap!

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