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Rebuilding some supersenses!

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Right! Supersenses just got a lot more expensive... so I'm thinking of how to rejig powers for Rene and Supercape: Any help, clarification, or advice?

Firstly Rene:

The Awareness [Mystic] Now costs 3 PP. I have to say this seems a lot and I'm going to scrap it. 3 PP to know if a mystic power is active in the vicinity? Thanks, but no thanks. It makes conceptual sense, I may add it in very late down the line. This aspect seems pretty easy.

Next up his impressionism supersense. The fluff is that he can "see" his surroundings mentally, as if they where a painting (so he can't read, for instance - although I suppose it might have other subtle benefits over normal sight).

Currently built as:

Super Senses 6 (Mind's eye; Mystic; Mental sense ["see's" surroundings as if they where an impressionist painting], Accurate, Acute, Ranged) [5pp]

Effectively its a mental blindsight. I think this still stands? I'm not entirely clear because it depends whether you count this as another "sense" or a "detect the impressions of the surroundings". Clarification please? I suppose if Radar stays as it is (?) then as this is a "blindsight" so should this.

The query I have in my head here is Infravision a "sense" or a "detect infrared radation"?

Next up: Supercape.

First up he has a very similar mental blindsight, although radius. The fluff is he "feels" "mass" around him. A bit like a radar, I suppose, except mental. I suppose he would get a feel for how dense / heavy something is but that has never come into play.

Currently built as:

Super-Senses 6 (Detect Mass/Gravity [Mental]; Extras: Accurate 2, Acute, Radius, Ranged) [6PP] (Atomic Sense)

Now, one could either view this as, like Rene, or the "Radar" sense, a mental blindsight - in which I case I guess (?) it stands fine. Otherwise, detect mass/gravity (note: he isn't detecting gravity powers, just objects) would be, what, I guess, a Common descriptor? Bumping cost to 8PP which seems to reach "Drop!" levels.... (Tremorsense would be 2PP and have a similar fluff to it instead maybe).

Lastly, Supercapes Energy sense. I have plumped a lot of PP into supercapes supersenses as you can see (more than any other character I know of...)

The fluff is he can detect energy!

Currently built as:

Super-Senses 8 [Radio] (Detect EM Radiation, Detect Electricity, Radar Sense, Radio Sense; Extras: Accurate (all radio senses), Analytical (all radio senses), Counters Concealment (all radio senses)) [12PP] (Energy Sense)

Now, EM Radiation would be a Common descriptor (3PP). However, technically EM also covers electricity (and visual light come to think of it). So Detect Electricity could be dropped - I actually bought them as seperate for the very reason I thought EM Radiation was a bit wide/cheesy!. Radio and Radar remained unchanged. So I think this is built as:

Super-Senses 8 [Radio] (Detect EM Radiation [Common 3 PP], Radar Sense, Radio Sense; Extras: Accurate (all radio senses), Analytical (all radio senses), Counters Concealment (all radio senses)) [13PP] (Energy Sense)

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Thanks, good catch with Renes mental vision too.

My ongoing confusion however would be something like infravision. As this isn't a "detect" power, would this be able to "detect" a heat based power like an infrared communication beam etc? the line between a regular sense and a detect often seems blurred to me.

On a similar note, I presume detect powers also function as a sense? so "detect EM" would allow a character to "see" electricity in a wire, even if it isnt a power etc.

However, at least my maths on the above is correct.I'll stand by losing mystic awareness for now. I understand the logic about differential costs according to descritors, but the end cost is still too much for Rene at this point when there are more appropriate / fun things to get.

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