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Hippie Power! (OOC)


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Fist i need you to repost that Reflex roll you did in chat :P


Sssnake Ssstrike! (1d20+7=15)

Now, you're not looking at the snake lady, but the snake lady is riding the snake. so, you're not looking at the snake really.

Flat footed this would hit you. Not flat footed it wouldn't.

I'm going to toss you a bone here and give you a HP.

Give me a DC 28 toughness save then an opposed grapple

Here's hoping :?

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Ack! DC 20 Reflex save! (1d20+11=30)

(12:24:40) Quinn: Diva > The snake can't catch up, Diva. He's faster than they are and can move further on a move action.

(12:24:52) Quinn: IC terms, he's staying juuust out of reach.

(12:24:57) Godiva: i thought you said no speed?

(12:25:01) Godiva: oh

(12:25:11) Godiva: i see

(12:25:16) Quinn: I said no Woosh. I didn't say he wasn't using a perfectly human running speed.

And that's all that taken care of. On Overclock's turn, he'll maintain his speed and keep taunting those slithering sneakity-sneaks, and makes sure his taunts are very loud (the better for some hero to hear what's going on and swoop in!). Acrobatic Bluff Trick roll! (1d20+13=28) And, as mentioned in chat, he's aiming to have them crash into a tree. :twisted:

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Eve spends a hero point to put on the costume with quick change and become Jade Dragon

Jade Dragon tries to catch up with you guys

Jade Dragon shoots with a Damage Spell choosing Earth

Blast 12 (Extras: Autofire 1; Feats: Variable Descriptor [any one element], Homing 2, Precise) [40PP] (All)

Earth Damage (1d20+8=28)

That's a crit and +5 for Autofire. DC 37 Toughness.

DC 37 Toughness (1d20+14=34)

I... there is... what? why? Damn you snake for taking away my epic epicness :argh:

Ahem. Giant Serpent takes a bruise.

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Overclock comes in high and fast, hoping to catch the Medusa by surprise! Burn an HP to get the Up The Wall feat for this round, then he Acrobatics his way up the snakeman's coils to her rider...Acrobatics right up that snake! (1d20+13=31) Booyah.

Charging (+2 Attack, -2 Defense), All Out Attack (+2 Attack, -2 Defense), Power Attack (+2 Damage, -2 Attack) BOOTTOTHEHEAD! (1d20+10=16) Eesh. Only way that'll hit is if she's caught flat-footed, I think. Your call if his sudden appearance directly behind her and subsequent application of boot to cranium can be called such. DC 25 TOU save if so. ;)

And I'll post after I find out the damage results. :)

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Snake Punch! (1d20+10=17)

Misses Jade Dragon

Snake Bite! (1d20+7=22)

Hits Overclock. DC 28 Toughness and a grapple check... You know what? I take that back. I'm going to do something different.

Snake is gonna spit at you! DC 20 Reflex, then depending if you pass or fail

Pass: Reflex 15

Fail: Reflex 20

if you fail THAT you are blind. and must make a fortitude save every round (equal to the reflex save) to shake it.

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DC 20 Reflex save! (1d20+11=29)

Good luck hitting a speedster with a reflex save...okay, he returns fire! First up is an Acrobatic Bluff, see if he can't catch that serpent flat-footed with a Feint...Acrobatic Bluff Feint check! (1d20+8=24) Okay, he has to beat that with his own Bluff or Sense Motive. If he can't, he's flat-footed. Next, BOOTTOTHE...jaw?

All Out Attack (+5 Attack, -5 Defense), Power Attack (+5 Damage, -5 Attack) Karate Kick! (1d20+8=28) ...And scratch that Acrobatic Bluff, he just rolled a Critical; and you Auto-Hit on a 20. So with +5 Damage from the Power Attack, and +5 Damage from the Critical Hit, that's...DC 33 Toughness from our snakey friend. :D

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