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Hippie Power! (IC)


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Lake Mackenzie was lovely in the summer. People flocked to it's waters for recreation and relaxation. Though for Eve Kurosawa, it was just a pass though on her daily run. Her parkour runs lead her all over the city, but parks were her second most favorite place. City areas were full of lots of things to climb on and jump around, but parks, they had a sense of wonder and majesty. She would even stop here when she heard a saxophone player playing. She didn't want to slow down, but the music was way too powerful and soulful. She stopped for a while and listened to the music along with the crowd. He apparently was playing for tips. She reached into her arm wallet searching for change, but she didn't have any. She was feeling generous and left him a hundred dollar bill. She smiled thankfully to the saxophone player and stepped back from the case when she dropped the money in. He was good. That good? Maybe.

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Zeke kept his eyes closed, letting the music fill the air as he stood on top of the bench. He wasn't quite sure how he'd made it up there since he'd started playing, but at this point he didn't really care. Most of it was improv, anyway; a mix of funk and soul he'd come up with on the fly, playing a hot horn up, down, and all over the place. He knew he was technically supposed to be on patrol, but he did take some pride in his art. And besides, bad guys tended to be very loud when they did stuff, right?

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Elsewhere in a secluded area of the park, two people, a tall gangly male and a short stout female, both clothed in what they were born with, could care less about the rest of the world. They had each the earth, each other, and about a pound of experimental medicine that would 'make them see the planet for what it really was' they got from their 'contacts'. Some people wanted to spend their money wisely, these two obviously did not. As they lay in each other's embrace, looking up to the sky the girl picked up the bag and opened it. What they found inside was so pungent that even their dulled senses had to recoil. It was a mess of damp herb-like substance. She took a large wad of it and lightly stuffed it in her friend's mouth and silently told him to chew. He smiled and did as he was told. She too took a large wad of it and did the same. The two began to kiss as they felt the reaction of every feeling of joy they had ever felt take them over. But that's not all they felt in their amorous moment. The woman's skin began to grow scaly and her head burst forth with snakes where her hair used to be. The man on the other hand, while growing scaly, continued to grow. Thinking they were deep in their own little mushroom samba the giant serpent and the medusa crawled out of the nature area. They were hungry and needed snacks. Those people over there looked mighty tasty. They both nodded and the medusa rode the giant serpent over to the crowded area.

The crowded area freaked out.

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At the first scream, Irons's eyes popped open. And his mouth went a tad slack, the saxophone sound blowing out abruptly. For a guy who lived in Freedom City, and a guy who was somewhat nuts about heroes before he became one himself, this was...well, this was new. A giant snake and a chick with snakes for hair...

He dropped the saxophone into the case, closing it up and sweeping it into his arms along with his duffel bag as he made to haul ass away, and stopped himself suddenly. There were no other heroes about right there, the pedestrians were practically right in front of the creatures, he was in a hoodie and jeans, no hat to cover the dreads (which he was beginning to question the wisdom of...)

"Oh, hell."

The Fastest Fighter Alive dropped the case, running at a dead sprint towards the monsters. He could feel the adrenaline rush and the blood pump in his ears, but he held it back as best he could. Can't tap into the Woosh, not right now...ok, wait until another hero shows up, then split and throw the costume on; until then, stick with the kung-fu. I can handle this!

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The giant snake slithered towards the fleeing citizens, carrying his companion on his back. The medusa held on for what she could. Her stomach grumbled as she saw the quicker ones running for safety. Though there were not ones running. Were they stupid? Were they tasty? "Dudes," the medusa scoffed, "do you not see the hot snake chick riding the giant snake? Do you, like, want to be our lunch? We ain't chasin people for ships and squiggles, you know?" The giant snake contented to playing with his food, corralling them up like some old video game.

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Ezekiel Irons looked at the two beasties, took a deep breath...then promptly did probably the stupidest thing he'd ever done in his whole life.

He put a finger to one eye, pulling the lower eyelid down, and stuck out his tongue. Then he turned around and smacked the bottom of his jeans a couple of times in their direction, the clap echoing in the no-doubt now quite quiet zoo. Then he turned around and grinned a most insolent grin, waving.

"I dunno, I just see a weirdo who looks like she's hopped up on some serious meds. Tell you what, you wanna eat me? You gotta catch me first!"

Zeke turned around and kicked up a bit of dust, then stuck out his tongue again and went "meep-meep!". Then he started running.

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The medusa glare was hypnotic as it was angered. Overclock just did turn his head away in time! "After him, man," the medusa shouted to her companion. the snake slithered as fast as it could but it could not catch up with the roadrunner-wannabe. The giant serpent stopped and sighed. "You're right, dude," the medusa said angrily, "fast food is bad for you anyway back to tasty slow people!" Pointing back to the park, she cried, "High ho, Snake Boy! Away!" The giant serpent then turned it's gaze to the still fleeing people of the park and the one who had not fled, Eve! "Now, let's see how juicy the brave are." She paused, noting her lines, "Man, I really am hungry."

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There was no time to react. Eve had to get into costume fast and there wasn't a full minute to do so. She thought about not donning it and getting about her hero business. But no, she had to present her honor. Pulling the thing out of her arm wallet, she unfolded it quickly. She didn't even have time to remove her clothes to make it fit well. It ended up looking like a bad Jade Dragon rip off, but it was on enough to protect her. She muttered arcane languages quickly and in a flash her magical bow focus appeared in her hands. Not wanting to mince words, she ran as far as she could and then shot a spell at the large snake, "Tsuchi," she yelled and a green shaft of light screamed toward it's target, striking true into the snake's belly. But the snake's seemingly impenetrable hide protected it from the most epic blast!

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The second the snake's attention was taken away by the arrow from nowhere, Ezekiel Irons booked. Like, really booked. He didn't even know he could go that fast, one moment he was there laughing at the monsters, the next he was standing in an alley on the other side of the park, yanking open his duffel bag and changing as fast as he could. Mask on, boots and gauntlets on, bodysuit over the mask, zipped up, ready to go! He mentally reviewed what he knew the beasties could do, counting up from ten as he charged the adrenaline in his body. His blood pumped, he fairly vibrated with nervous energy, waiting for it to be juuuust long enough that nobody noticed the musician disappearing and a costumed hero appearing right after. The anticipation before the fight was always the best time to go for the adrenaline rush, and he reveled in it.

Overclock pounded one fist into the other, grinning like a madman under the mask as he assumed a sprinting position at the alley entrance. Payback time.

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The giant serpent and medusa were too busy inspecting the magical wound to notice the runner. Once they figured it was just a bruise, the y were still angry at the hero! The giant serpent made haste towards the newly suited Jade Dragon attempting to come down on the mystic archer. And come down he did! He hit his head on the ground right next to her. It didn't hurt, but boy did it feel silly! The giant serpent picked his head back up and looked around. Making sure no one saw his pratfall. He then hissed angrily at Jade Dragon. Medusa was not happy with the results. If now were the time for facepalming, she would do it, but now she had more important matters to attend. "Hey, green bean," she shouted, "You gotta, like, watch where you're shooting those things! You almost took my partner's head off with that thing!" She then transfixed her gaze on Jade Dragon, "Now, if you could just look into my eyes for a moment? That'd be cool."

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Jade Dragon couldn't help but smirk. Oh, she felt fear as the giant serpent came down to bite her, but the fear was instantly negated when she heard an audible thud on the ground, accompanied by the snake's head hitting it. "Surely you need some practice with your aim," she jested, "But hey, here's hoping you don't get another shot at it." Her merriment was interrupted by the shouting snake woman, "Oh, I'm sorry. Did your giant killer pet get a boo boo?" And then the medusa tried to get her to look at her. Luckily, Jade Dragon was quick enough to avert her eyes. "I paid attention in Mythology 101," she said loudly after a short single syllable laugh, "Don't make me go all Perseus on you, woman!" She ran backwards a bit and took aim at the snake again, "Hey big boy, try your luck again." A black shaft of light flew from her bow when she pulled the string back and yelled the word, "KÅ«!" The piece of unlight struck the giant serpent and covered it in a black aura, trying to sap the vitality away from it.

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Overclock broke into a sprint. A sprint in his terms. More specifically, he ran so fast it seemed everything was moving at a crawl, all onlookers could see as he pounded the pavement was a rush of wind and a black-gold blur, heading straight for the park. He felt his blood pumping fast as he blew through the park gates a second time, a sonic boom ripping through the air as he aimed like a cruise missile right at his target; the medusa riding the snake. In a move that could be described as either "audacious" or "just plain crazy", he kicked his feet off the ground and rebounded off a handy tree, backflipping onto the coils and running up them; he barely had time to let out a laugh as he hopped up and over the head of the snake, bringing one foot down in a crushing axe kick right to the top of the medusa's head!

"Seriously, you guys couldn't just have ordered a pizza?!"

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The giant serpent escaped the void attack perfectly unscathed. The medusa too the boot to her head with much more annoyance than pain. It was like they weren't even responding to the attacks somehow! "Dude," the medusa said to Overclock, "I got the serious munchies. And I can't explain it really. It's just that you look really tasty. Nothing personal, man. But since you're so reasonable, I'll leave you alone." She petted the giant serpent, "He's all yours, baby!" The medusa jumped down from the snake landing next to Jade Dragon, "You on the other hand. I don't like Chinese. Too much MSG, but you'll have to do!" With a massive swing, she barely missed Jade Dragon.

The giant serpent looked at Overclock, circling around him menacingly, trying to decide how to best it's foe. With a quick lunge forward it went face to face with Overclock and then winked at him before opening it's mouth and spitting at him!

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"Aww, I get the snake all to myself? Thanks!"

Overclock backflipped off of the serpent as the medusa leapt off herself; he trusted that the other heroine would be able to handle herself for the time being, he was a tad occupied. He began to move forward, then checked himself as the snake lunged towards him and spat a glob of acid at his face; leaping forward into a roll, he ducked right underneath the serpent's head and planted his hands on the ground, coiling like a spring...

"Hey, scalebelly! You hungry?"

Blood pounded in his ears as the adrenaline rush hit it's peak, and his augmented arms propelled him off of the ground like a missile, planting his two booted feet right into the jaw of the snake and slamming it shut with a loud crack.

"Eat this!"

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