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Help build Quantum Material!


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Hey folks!

Over the course of play, Supercape has used something called Quantum material more times than I initially envisaged ;) and it has become something more than trivial to the character. I would like to redesign his Create Object Power to more fully represent what it has come to be over the course of threading.

The fluff:

The half-joke is that Quantum matter doesn't really exist...that's why it is so strong. Shades of Douglas Adam's I know. But the handwavium science is that it is observed too closely, its wave-function collapses and its slender clutch at reality is gone.

Otherwise, it is a weightless crystal like appearance, of varying translucency and colour, that is extremely strong.

Ideally I would like its strength to be "binary" that is, either it is completely unscratched, or the slightest crack causes it to shatter into non-existence.

Current build:

Create Object 14 (14 5-ft cubes [Quantum Material], STR 70, Toughness +14; Extras: Duration [Continuous], Range [Perception]; PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect, Progression 2 [14 25-ft. cubes], Stationary, Subtle) "Quantum Matter" [63PP]

Thoughts on "better" (i.e. more fun and better reflecting above fluff) build...

1. Rank is of secondary importance, although ideally it should be rank 10+ to be at least somewhat useful for combat stuff (max rank 14 of course).

2. It needs to have Extra (+1) Perception Range, to fit with all of Supercapes Powers.

3. Similarly, it needs to have Indirect and subtle Feats, to fit with the rest of his powers.

4. Needs to have Extra (+1) Duration, to make it continuous duration.

4. I think it should probably have the feat Selective, slightly modified so that it can only be selective to various electromagnetic radiation as opposed to physical things (which means of course it can be different colours, as it reflects some light and not others!)

5. As it weightless/massless, this is probably the Stationary Feat? although again, slightly modified as it can be moved by physical force, just not gravity (in a sense it has immunity to gravity?) I toyed also with having it immune to telekenesis / move object...

6. It probably has affects insubstantial 2 feat - certainly it would block insubstantial 3, and quite possibly many insubstantial 4 (not ghosts, although that could be handled as a complication?)

7. A few ranks of Progression would be nice.

8. On reflection, it should probably have Precise power feat: Supercape isn't artistic enough to create works of art with it, but on the flip side, this is a guy whose powers come from nudging subatomic particles: he is probably going to be able to create objects of precise dimensions...

9. To mimic the "binary" nature of Quantum matter I was thinking of a combination of:

Extra (+1) Impervious and..

Limited (-1) Completely destroyed upon suffering any damage or toughness drain.

Thoughts on this? This may lead to a high level of impervious (level 12 below) but feedback on that? I also realise I made up this limitation - maybe its a drawback?... (although it seems a pretty big problem to me...)

10. And finally, the fact that it can be destroyed by observation is probably best as a complication? I was thinking someone with Knowledge (Physics) and appropriate equipment or supersenses (such as MIcroscopic Vision 4, or some other suitable supersense), or even with some huge Knowledge (Physics) score of like 20+ could destroy a block of quantum matter with a move action (or even free action)? again, thoughts on this.

My possible provisional change built on this:

Create Object 14 (14 x 5-ft cubes [Quantum Material], STR 70, Toughness +13; Extras: Duration [Continuous], Impervious (12 Ranks only), Range [Perception]; PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Indirect, Precise, Progression 2 [14 x 25-ft. cubes], Selective (to electromagnetic radiation, includes making it different colours), Stationary (weightless, no mass, resists gravity), Subtle; Flaws: Limited [Completely destroyed if takes any damage or toughness drained]) "Quantum Matter" [63PP]

Thoughts and improvements and tidy ups? (e.g make it a straight rank 12? add in immunity to radiation or gravity or teleknesis?)

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