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Casting Call!


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After MUCH conferring in chat with multiple people and the Powers What Is; we have a new thread on offer! Basic idea is this; any Claremonter, up to five, for one reason or another, are a part of a summer performance of The Princess Bride at one of the amateur theatres in town.

There will be action!





And a bit with a dog.

And, naturally whenever Claremonters are around, shenanigans will ensue. Currently, those who have already volunteered are Aoiroo's Changeling and Semi-Autogyro's Myrmidon, handling the villains of the piece, as well as the numerous extras (illusions and duplicates, a stage show's best friend(s)). However...this means we have no lead roles! Oh noes!

So, we're putting out a casting call! We need a Wesley! A Buttercup! An Inigo Montoya! And a Fezzik! Who's game?

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I imagine the plan is to mostly gloss over the play itself, instead focusing on character interaction until some sort of whacky hijinks ensue. Such as the play becoming reality temporarily or somebody looking like Lon Chaey messing with production. Or perhaps the Robot Devil interrupts to get his hands back from the musical director.

Then again, these are all massive assumptions on my part.

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