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Torque (PL 12) - Cyroa (Silver)

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Player Name: Cyroa

Character Name: Torque

Power Level: PL 12 (180/184pp)

Trade-Offs: -3 Attack / +3 Damage, -3 Defense / +3 Toughness

Unspent PP: 4

Progress To Gold Status: 4/90 (Silver Status earned with Dark Star)

In Brief: Powersuit genius / on-the-run freedom fighter

Alternate Identities: Cole ‘Jefferson’

Identity: Secret (he has no real identity here; just a fake one provided for him)

Birthplace: unknown

Occupation: Student, inventor

Affiliations: Claremont Academy

Family: unknown

Age: Appearance: 16 or so; actually 66 (though unknown)

Apparent Age: 16

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5’10â€

Weight: 160lbs

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blond


Cole is a young man, about 16 years old or so. Standing a couple inches shy of 6 feet, he is a handsome youth. With short dirty-blond hair and blue eyes, he is a noticeable fellow. He dresses in simple sneakers, jeans and t-shirts.

Power Descriptions: (if applicable)

The suit stands roughly 6’ tall. It is black or perhaps a dark blue. It appears to be completely seamless. There is a set of slightly glowing ‘lines’ that run up one side of the suit and down there other. The color of that often changes, depending on the energy being used. The helmet is totally dark, not revealing his face beneath, though the ‘piping’ makes a circuit up through his helmet as well.


Before a year ago, nothing is known of the young man named Cole. There are no records of him anywhere. And given how he was found, that is not surprising.

Roughly a year ago in an otherwise peaceful park, a sudden dark rip/tear/portal appeared in the air, dozens of feet up. Within moments of it creation, from inside there was a massive explosion. A huge gout of flame, some debris and a large battlesuit was hurled through to liter the grass. The portal closed almost immediately.

The large suit has obviously been through a battle, even if the explosion of its arrival hadn’t been enough of a clue. Even as people looked on the 12’ suit began to ‘melt’ or fade away, leaving a human sized figure in a smaller version of the suit. The figure didn’t stir or twitch as authorities quickly came to take care of the situation. As they bundled him up, the smaller suit began to slide/fade away, leaving a battered teenager behind.

As happens in situations like these, the newcomer was shuffled off to spend some time in quarantine and testing under government review and observation. When he awoke, he could barely recall anything. He knew the name ‘Cole’; presumably that was his own name. Beyond that, he was practically a completely blank. Some simple testing indicated a phenomenal intelligence and an extensive array of knowledge. He also possessed a surprising degree of combat training as well as tactical planning from what could be determined.

Something just as, if not more, worrisome to the government employees was his proclivity for designing and creating inventions that defied logic. They never were able to figure out his ‘suit’ but they learned quite a bit beyond that. He clearly had knowledge of and abilities putting him in line with various heroes or villains in the world.

They held him for quite some time, studying both him and his devices. Eventually however, he was released to Claremont School due to his not being of age yet. They provided him with a set of identifications and background to help his assimilation into society as well as some admonishments that they would be watching him (which he promptly ignored). Still, he was free now, even if he had no clue to who he was or a direction for himself.

Brief Actual History (note: left deliberately vague for future development/GM use):

Cole comes from a conquered reality. His own reality was invaded by a mix of 'humans' and sentient machines. The invaders quickly overwhelmed and decimated Cole's world before any real response could be made. Major governments and groups were taken out, armies demolished. They never stood a chance. The survivors were rounded up and put in camps. The rest...scattered and hid. Those survivors became the basis of a guerrilla force, attempting to fight back.

Cole was an older scientist of the time; a certified genius and inventor already but on the downward curve of his life. The Invaders changed all that. While they didn't know or understand the invader's intents, the tech was something else. While still beyond most people, Cole was able to adapt and even improve upon their advanced technology. With his genius and ability to give the guerrillas a fighting chance, their status got upgraded to 'serious problem' versus 'malcontent/escapee'. Cole had already spread the plans and tech out of course, but it didn't matter. He was seen as a leader and architect behind the resistance's fighting chance. It wasn't long before his resistance cell was on the run.

In one of their raids, his cell broke into a facility of the Invaders. While it was an ambush and things went horribly wrong, he managed to activate a device in the building. It was a portal creator, something akin to what the Invaders had used to get here. He used it to escape. However, the portal wasn't calibrated or initialize correctly and there were some side effects. Namely, he regressed in age down to a teenager. Most of his active memories were wiped out, leaving only residual bits behind (the source of his flashbacks/nightmares) as well as a goodly chunk of his knowledge base.

Personality & Motivation:

As a young man, Cole is a curious fellow by nature. He always want to learn, to know, to understand more. He is always interested in fiddling with the next project, trying out new ideas. Beyond that, he is generally a very happy and upbeat fellow, looking on the bright side. He might not be the most social of people but that tends to be due to his background and troubles as well as his overdeveloped intellect. He isn’t one to take the lead, socially, preferring to watch and observe rather than directing.

Cole does feel a bit lost and out of place at times though; it is more than just not coming from this reality (though that is there as well). The blank in his perfect memory, the occasional flashbacks and nightmares and his…almost cold ruthlessness in a crisis disturb him quite a bit. He’s tried to address those things but has little success so far.

Powers & Tactics:

Without his armor, he has no real powers beyond his extensive intelligence and ability to create devices. He is fairly ordinary, physically.

With his armor, he is a force to be reckoned with. It is adjustable in many way; changing various functions to fit the needs of the situation. Offensively, the suit creates disk that slam and cut into things with remarkable force and even coming around for another pass if they miss. In addition, he is able to charge them with numerous types of energy to be even more effective when needed. Or, if the situation requires it, the suit can greatly enhance his strength for close up melee. His suit is capable of healing his injuries but it takes time and energy for the systems to repair him; not something he is likely to get in the middle of a fight.

When a situation starts, his personality becomes harder and less playful. He think nothing of analyzing a situation and shouting out orders, excepting them to be followed ((master plan)). There is no such thing as ‘too much force’ when there is a target to be stopped. He doesn’t really believe in killing but he doesn’t pull his punches. This occasionally leads to some troubles when prisoners are needed to be taken.


Amnesia: Cole has no solid recollection of his past. It is something he finds quite unsettling given his memory.

Flashbacks/Nightmares: Cole suffers from occasional, sometimes debilitating, flashbacks of various images (often violent). Often they are so strong that it is hard for him to determine that they are not real.

Dangerous Past: He came/escaped from somewhere (likely dangerous). Whatever or wherever it was, it is possible they aren’t going to just let him go.

Overwhelming Force: When action starts, he becomes far less concerned with injuring or capturing his opponents. (Note: this isn’t mindless bloodless but how he approaches a threat/opponent. It is a mentality; cold and ruthless; no feelings, pure logic.)

Age: Despite intelligence and ability, he is still a teenager with an estimated age of 16 and therefore is barred from a few locations, not to mention the stereotyping.

Secret Id:: While he doesn't have much of an Id to hide, the school does.

Abilities: 2 + 2 + 2 + 12 + 2 + 0 = 20PP

STR 12 / 38 (+1/+14)

DEX 12 (+1)

CON 12 / 28 (+1/+9)

INT 22 / 32 (+6/+11)

WIS 12 / 22 (+1/+6)

CHA: 10 (+0)

Combat: 6 + 6 = 12PP

Init: +6/+11

ATK: +3 (+9 Melee/+9 Blast)

Grapple: +10/+28

DEF: +9 (base 3, Dodge Focus 6), +1 flat-footed

Knockback: -10 normal/cloaked, -13 armored; -0 out of armor

Saving Throws: 0 + 3 + 4 = 7PP

TOU +15 (Imp 6), +15 (Imp 12) armored mode; +1 out of suit

FORT +1/+9 (+1/+9 Con)

REF +5 (+2 Dex, +3)

WILL +5/+10 (+1/+6 Wis, +4)

Skills: 52R = 13PP

Computers 4 (+10/+15)

Craft (Chemical) 4 (+10/+15)

Craft (Electronic) 4 (+10/+15)

Craft (Mechanical) 4 (+10/+15)

Disable Device 4 (+10/+15)

Investigate 2 (+8/+13)

Knowledge (Earth Sciences) 4 (+10/+15)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 4 (+10/+15)

Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 4 (+10/+15)

Knowledge (Tactics) 4 (+10/+15)

Knowledge (Technology) 4 (+10/+15)

Medicine 4 (+5/+10)

Notice 4 (+5/+10)

Stealth 2 (+3)

Feats: 20PP


Attack Focus: Melee (6)

Dodge Focus (6)

Eidetic Memory

Improvised tools



Master Plan

Online Research (can use Computers for Gather Info checks)

Speed of Thought (Int for Init)

Powers: 98 + 2 + 12 = 112PP

Device 24 (Nanite Energy Weave suit; 120 points, Hard to Lose; PF: Restricted x2) [98PP]

Communications Systems 3 (6pp; PF: Alternate Power) [7PP]

  • BE: Communication 5 (radio, 5 mile radius; PF: Subtle) {6/6}

    AP:: Datalink 5 (radio, 10 miles); PF: Subtle) {6/6}

Energy System, Primary/Offensive 17 (34 points; PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [any energy], 2 Alternate Powers) [40PP]

  • BE: Blast 15 (PFs: Accurate x3, Homing x1) {34/34} - Charged Disks

    AP: Blast 8 (Extras: Area [burst, General], Selective attack) {32/34} - Exploding Energy Disk

    AP: Enhanced Strength 26 (to 38/+14) and Super-Strength 4 (effective Str 58) {34/34}

Energy System, Secondary/Defensive 3 (6 points; PF: 1 Alternate Power) [7PP]

  • BE: Concealment 10 (all senses; Flaws: Blending, Passive; PF: Close Range) {6/6} - Stealth Field

    AP: Impervious Protection 6 (note: Sustained Active effect) {6/6} - Armor Mode

Energy System, Tertiary/Miscellaneous 6 (12 points; PFs: 1 Alternate Powers) [13]

  • BE: Leaping 4 (x25 distance; move action) and Speed 4 (100 mph / 1,000 ft. per move action) and Super-Movement 2 (wall-crawling 2 [full move]) {12/12PP}

    AP: Teleport 9 (anywhere on Earth; Extra: Accurate; Flaws: Long Range only, Medium [Networks/Electrical Conduit]; PF: Progression [Weight] 3 [1,000 lb. cargo]) {12/12} -

Enhanced Constitution 16 (to 28/+9) [16PP]

Feature 2 (Computer, Library) [2pp]

Immunity 19 (Life Support, mental effects; Flaw: Limited [1/2 effect] on mental effects) [14PP]

Protection 6 (Extra: Impervious) [12PP]

Regeneration 2 (Bruised 1 [standard action], Injured 1 [20 minutes]) [2]

Super-Senses 7 (darkvision [enhancement], infravision, radar [enhancement]) [7PP]

Suit: 7+40+7+13+16+2+14+12+2+7= 120/120

Quickness x4 (x25; Flaw: Limited [Mental only]) [2]

Super Brain 5 (10pp; PFs: Alternate Power x2) [12]

  • BE: Enhanced Int 10 (to 32/+11) {10/10}

    AP: Enhanced Wis 10 (to 22/+6) {10/10}

    AP: Comprehend 4 (codes, languages 3 [understand all, speak any, read/write]) {8/10}

Drawbacks: (-4) = -4PP

Normal Identity (Full round to change/activate suit) [4]

DC Block:

ATTACK           RANGE    SAVE              EFFECT

Punch/Kick       Melee    DC 29 Toughness   Physical Damage

Disk             150 ft   DC 30 Toughness   Physical Damage with Variable Energy type optional

Explosive Disk   80 ft    DC 23 Toughness   Physical Damage, Explosive

Abilities (20) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (7) + Skills (13) + Feats (20) + Powers (112) - Drawbacks (-4) = 180/184 Power Points

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Skimming over the crunchy bits...

Please put his powers in the proper format. That means bolding their names, and listing them by effect name (Healing first, not "Repair Systems").

The "only works for him" thing on his Suit would be the Restricted 2 power feat. Which you've not paid for.

His Immunities rank should be the total rank of effect, not the pp cost. It should be listed as

Immunity 19 (life support, mental effects; Flaw: Limited [1/2 effect] on mental effects) [14PP]

His Super-Senses are off. I think what you'd want (Shaen can correct me if I'm wrong) is

Super-Senses 7 (darkvision [enhancement: radius], infravision, radio [enhancement: accurate]) [7PP]

Main Energy System: For his Enhanced/Super-Str line, please list his total effective/lifting Str.

Secondary Defense System: The Protection should be Force Field, since Protection (a Permanent power) cannot be in Arrays.

Tertiary Energy System: The "takes extra time" Flaw listed for Healing is invalid. Healing's already a Full Action to use, so increasing the time to use it would not take the Action Flaw, it would take the Action drawback (and make it take 1 full minute to use, but save you only 1 pp).

I'm also a bit leery of having Persistent on an always-available Healing power (moreso than having an always-available Total Healing power, since that can remove the sense of threat/drama quite quickly). IMO, being severely injured (hit by an Incurable Damage effect) by some nasty, and overcoming it via heroic determination (Extra Effort to power stunt a Persistent Healing effect, or using an HP to get the Persistant power feat for a round) makes for better drama.

Super-Senses in an array are also dodgy. But, good news! You don't need to get Acute or Accurate for his Darkvision or Infravision, since (being tied to his normal vision) they already have those enhancements! And his radar is already acute, since all radio senses are acute by default!

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I thought I did pay for the Restricted use x2 thing? Was the first 2pts listed under the suit expenditures. Did I not do that right? EDIT: was told what I did wrong; shifted some points around. should be ok now.

Think I fixed the Boldings.

Adjusted the totals for Senses and Immunity and made adjustments for the main and secondary systems.

Tertiary system stuff. -> mainly I was just using what I've seen (and done myself) before in other sheets.

Healing: the idea was to make it hard to use it in combat but that the suit could fix him completely given enough time. Still, to make it easier on all, I removed the flaw as well as the persistent feat. I changed the points around in the sensor boosting.

I also added Library and Computer Feats to finish rounding it out.

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Tertiary system stuff. -> mainly I was just using what I've seen (and done myself) before in other sheets.

That's a bit of a problem, actually. Dark Star's ungodly power is allowed largely b/c he's a naive boy scout, a char concept I'm honestly getting weary of. Hellion's got his share of problems, too (skills in Arrays being just one of them), but you're leaving him archived so I'll not delve into him.

Those (considerably broader) issues aside, I do really like this character idea, and I am confident you can do much with it! But I hate "leaving it open for GM development" -- even when it comes from a provably good writer such as yourself, that smacks of laziness. So please come up with something more concrete for his background, for the war-torn future he came from; your char doesn't need to know it, but you and the Refs do.

Also, how is "when action starts, he becomes far less concerned with injuring or capturing his opponents. It isn’t enough to defeat them; the enemy must be destroyed and unable to twitch, let alone retaliate" not a frothing berserker state?

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"Darkvision" isn't a separate sense. It's the "Counters Obscure ("Darkness" Descriptor)" extra, and that extra applies to an entire sense type (in this case, Visual-type senses), not an individual sense.

Visual-type senses are Accurate, Acute, and Ranged by default, so you don't need to purchase any of those extras for a Visual sense like Infravision. Ditto for Radio-type senses, which are Acute, Radius, and Ranged by default.

And yes, folding stuff like Skills and Super-Senses into arrays is generally something we consider "a bad thing," something we're trying to move away from.

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Ok, made the various edits/changed. Got rid of enhanced skills/senses and used the pts elsewhere.

That complication is meant to reflect that, even if he doesn't realize it, he learned to fight and destroy the enemy. Killing happened in war. Prisoners weren't really something to consider. It was to reflect how he approaches a fight; his personality changes a bit. I adjusted the text a bit to hopefully reflect that some.

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