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Avenger Assembled

Graduation Day: Leaves from the Vine (OOC)

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Straight from Trevor's example gadgets:

Teleportation Signal Hijack

Super-Senses 1 (Trace Teleport) [1PP]

Teleport 3 (Extras: Accurate, Affects Others, Power Feats: Easy, Progression [600 lbs.]) [14PP]

(I'm not sure if he needs the actual Teleport in this case, since they have the beacons they were just given, but there it is.)

Notice Check: 20 with Skill Mastery.

Investigate Check. (1d20+2=16)

(Yeah, I know. I never actually claimed Trevor was a costumed detective specifically. Another for the character edit shopping list.)

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The Archetech reactor complex is like most ocean-going fusion reactors in the mid-21st century; it sits in the middle of a big floating steel complex about the size of the Claremont campus, a big facility that extends deep into the ocean and high above the head with massive heat sinks and water recyclers. (There have been some environmental concerns, but they're carefully built in areas with low fish populations as a result of the methane clarate eruptions of the 2020s...well, perhaps I say too much!) The complex looks a bit like any other large industrial campus, with the difference that the buildings are built right into the steel floors all around. The workers, none of whom are visible at the moment, get around on slidewalks or tramways when they need to go somewhere in a hurry.

The reactor is buried in the heart of the complex about two stories 'down' and about a thousand yards from where the heroes are standing. That way if there's a problem, it'll be at least partially contained by the bulk of the island. Gremlin is down there, looking mad as hell, etc. You can see on Fusion's feed people tied up below, down where he is. There are elevators to get down there and stairs too, all of which are unlocked for the benefit of workers who may be evacuating at this juncture.

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Folks not in initiative, go ahead and post your arrival down in the reactor room/interaction with the scientists so you can get a more detailed description of what's going on around the leak and with the cosmic bomb.

Edge Seizes Initiative; Gremlin goes on 10. Of Young Freedom 2035, Psilent is with Midnight and Sage (where else would he be), Lucky Strike and Vril Knight are going down to help with the big monster, and Amaryllis and Fusion 2.0 are helping with evac. They'll be there if necessary, but ideally they're just there in a supporting role.

So combat-wise we're at:

Edge: Seized Initiative

Cobalt Templar: 24

Wander: 20

Gremlin: 10

Edge is going to Inspire

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LLEEEERR-I'll stop now. Anyways.

Move Action: Fly up to Gremlin

All-Out Attack 2: Defense now +3, Attack now +11

Power Attack 2: Attack now +9, DC now 26

Standard Action: Strike/Melee Attack on Gremlin!

14; that is not enough to hit, so...Hero Point to reroll!

28 is much nicer, but I shall save his other HP for now.

That will be a Toughness Save DC 26.

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All righty, Wander is going to get out the ol' bat and try a Stunning Blow on this bad boy. I am quite skeptical of his claims to be PL 12, but we'll roll with that for the nonce. Anyway, starting out with the old Acrobatic Bluff as the move action, DC 28 with skill mastery. Full power attack for the standard action, not going all out this time.


That'll be a DC 35 Fortitude Save, plus any applicable autofire bonuses up to +10.

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While you lot are dealing with Gremlin, Sage is doing a thing.

Extra Effort: Add AP to Psi-Talents: Move Object 9 (Extra: Range [Perception], Feat: Precise)

Standard Action: Intelligence (1d20=2) check to start inserting control rods properly to regain control over the reaction.

Reaction: HP to reroll: Intelligence (1d20=10) + 10 = 20.

I am told a 20 is good enough for the check. Sage has 0 HP and is Fatigued.

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Well, can't really do anything about the leakage but stopping the reactor from killing everyone is a nice start.

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