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Right, I'm a little hazy on the specifics of how Nick's postcognition works, so i'll just give the pertinent information and let you write it up IC in a format which is appropriate, if that's OK with you, TT.

You see wolves coming forth in a great pack from the forest, and dragging off lifestock, sometimes killing them and dragging the corpses, sometimes taking care to capture them alive.

You also see very similar images... of this happening to a man in a police sheriff's uniform.

Right, what does Jack find out in the village...

(00:51:42) Ecalsneerg: Jack and Jill are both in costume, just to clarify?

(00:52:37) Gizmo: They are, Ecal, but I was thinking they'd slip away and change before talking to the townfolk.

(00:52:50) Ecalsneerg: Works for me

Most people have no idea what "Andy and Ann" are talking about, but they are aware of the livestock going missing, but blame it on poachers and vandals. Perhaps those "pagan kids" who dress funny. As for the disappearances, they consist of three teenagers (two female, one male) who go to the small high school 20 miles way. They vanished as they were driving back home in the boy's pickup truck two days ago, which was found by the roadside a little out into the woods, abandoned with the keys no longer in the ignition. The other disappearance was a local farmer named James Jefferson, who never showed up to market the prior week and whose home was abandoned and unlocked when someone went to check on him.

A few, in hushed whispers, speak of how some of the local townspeople, such as the sheriff, the grocer and the headmaster of the very small local elementary, all seem to be acting oddly, making excuses not to show up at town events, and seeming detached and distracted when anyone tries to engage them in conversation. One shopkeeper, her face showing visible fear, expresses the idea that they somehow are to blame for the disappearances, due to their odd behaviour, but she abruptly shuts up when another customer enters the store.

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