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A Night On The Town


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So, Overclock needs more threads! I'm thinking of something nice and classy; Iron Z, the noted jazz musician, is bringing his saxophone back to the stage after a three-four year hiatus, right at the same time a whole group of A-list musicians sign on to play at his usual venue. It's a big night for the Secret Bar, and so they've started advertising a night of music and entertainment with their inimitiable old-school 60's charm; black ties only, please. Unfortunately, while advertisement brings customers, they also bring troublemakers; the evening's take for the show will be fairly sizeable, and there's always some crooks who might decide to gatecrash...

I'm thinking a fairly low spread, PL 7-9, maybe one PL 10. 3-4 people'd be nice, if possible.

So, who's up for A Night On The Town?

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I can throw Rene or Steam in for this, both are an ok fit, take your pick:

Steam is filthy rich, likes a good night out and fine wine/food, and is PL8. However is not a particular Jazz lover (bit Novel for a Victorian era steampunk detective. Of course, that doesnt put him off trying it out). He has Benefit 3 Rich so can throw cash around like its water.

Rene actually likes Jazz (its in his Bio "the one good thing to come out of America, you heathens!"). However, he is PL 10. That could be mitigated a lot/or an AWFUL lot by leaving his devices at home if its black tie (putting him down to PL2 defensively). He is a fun character, he would thoroughly enjoy it, but loves moaning and whinging and complaining about his ailments and youth etc and getting people to think he is helpless old man. He is also Benefit 2 Rich so can easily afford the luxury.

I think Rene is a slightly better fit, but whatever you feel is best.

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Jay Xavier could be hired by the venue to serve as technician/engineer -- and Jay's alternative identity of Jubatus might be useful. Of course, this assumes the venue doesn't already have an engineer/technician on staff, which may or may not be true...

Jube is technically PL11, but I haven't yet spent any of his accumulated Hero Points, so in practice, he's PL10.

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