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Surfs & Serfs (OOC)

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Surfs starts Saturday, June 4th, @ 1300

Serfs starts Saturday, June 4th, @ 1600

Surfs is going to be a social thread, and Serfs is going to be combat. This will be my first time DM-ing in M&M, so while I'll leave it pretty open if anyone wants to join, I don't want a lot of weird powers or mechanics sprung on me at once; I'd prefer to keep it simple.

The location for Surfs is at the beach near the Freedom City Ledger Offices.

The location for Serfs is at Billy Hall's, a 'family' pool hall on Kingson-Collins that's seen better days. The evening indoors for food or billiards turns foul when the bar's 'insurance collectors' turn up. Currently I'll be using the pl 6 martial artist and powerhouse from the 'instant superheroes' sourcebook. If we get more people I'll be adding to it.

I'd appreciate it if you asked here before joining. As far as why you're here, Brian could have mentioned it to additional people before the festivities, so there's an easy in if one ran into him at Claremont or about town.

I only expect Serfs to need the ooc thread, so I'll use this one for both.

I'll start both this afternoon/evening.

Currently including: Animus, ?Myrmidon?, ?Quinn?, ?Heritage?

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