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Five Finger Discount (IC)


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Sunday June 12th 3:57pm

Summer had made it's impact on all local businesses, who now extended their hours and opened their doors to the mall crowd that was newly freed students. However, Sundays at the mall were still as usual absolutely dead, and that's exactly how Carrie liked it. The Bayview mall wasn't exactly her first choice, but per some research, she found that it housed a specialty crafts store that had zippers, buttons and buckles in just about any size she could name. Given, her recent orders for getting some fall clothing lined up for Mona, she was looking to stock up, and as it was summer, lots of the heavier and warmer fabrics were on sale. Holding several spindles of two yards or less fabric she had saved from the sales bin she started to the check when she glanced out the door and saw possibly every minimum wage mall cop in the store all running to the Belk. She didn't want to look back until she saw that one of them being hurtle back out of the store entrance. Pinching her nose, she looked at the cashier, and set her stuff on the counter and started to hold one her hand on her stomach,

"Ohh, could you hold these while I run to the restroom."

The cashier looked at her for a second before pointing her to the back of the store.

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Eve had a few more hours before she went out on her nightly excursion. And her morning run had long since past. She though about taking another run, but by the time she got back she would be exhausted from the run and not be able to go out that night. So she had to make other plans. She could go shopping! It was Sunday. Good deals happened on Sunday. But where? Se remembered a place she hadn't been to since she was a teenager: the Mall. Sure it was no shopping village, but the bomb of nostalgia had hit.

A drive later she was at the multiplex. It hadn't changed much in the few years she had left it. Sure there were a few new stores, but these things seem to grow and grow. She chuckled at the thought of one day having a a 'shopping city' as she walked into the entrance. Man, when I was younger, there was everything I needed in here, with a broadening smile, she thought, Food, clothes, entertainment. I could have lived here if my parents were crazy enough. Luckily they weren't. The first few shops were uneventful. Curios and whatnots. Stuff that she could see on the shelf of a grandmother's collection shelf. Not that she didn't find them cute. Just not her style.

Then she hit the gold mine. An athletics shop and a creative shop right next to each other. The athletics store was massive for a mall store. There was a half court in there! for about an hour she tried on a few things and played a few games of one on one. She left happy. Next up was the creative store. Choose an animal and some crazy patterns and accessories, and they'd stuff it full of cotton. Eve didn't get much time to play there as a ruckus broke out in another store. A herd of rent-a-cops were rushing towards something. "Now that's something you don't see everyday," she said to herself out loud. She headed towards the bathroom, opening her bag to pull out a neatly packed costume. She stripped down and suited up, then summoned her attuned focus bow. By the time she got back out there a few of the rent-a-cops were being manhandled by someone she couldn't see.

"Villain," she said in her most imposing voice, standing on a post looking towards the action, " You have picked the wrong shopping center to break the law in! Show yourself!"

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The sight that met Eve was of two figures, one was a well built man with copper colored hair, about six foot two holding a rent-a-cop by the collar and than promptly tossing him into the nearest one. The other figure, was a woman, bout five foot with platinum blond hair moving around the store, picking clothing and jewellery, really whatever suited her fancy off the rack and placing them onto the back of what looked like an old school chopper with armor plating. The man was the first to really acknowledge the heroine, and he did so with a frown as he looked to the woman,

"Hey Chloe, looks like a local cape showed, you think we should scat?"

The woman, dubbed Chloe looked at the man with a pleading look,

"Already? We just got here, and I do love the selection they have. Besides, it's only one, I'm sure you can handle yourself."

The man smiled at the cooing in the womans voice before he glanced over at the Eve,

"So, whose you supposed to be anyway?"

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After dumping her bag under the sink, Silhouette slipped out of the bathroom without much notice and started towards the Belk. When she arrived, she caught the tail end portion about the light hearted arguements of the villains before she turned her attention to the 'local cape' they were refering too. She had heard about the newest Jade Dragon's unmasking, but apparently that didn't slow her down to appearing in full costume regardless. Though in that regard it was a nice costume, and the mask had a dramatic flare, but she left that thoughts to the way side as she crept up to the person she just dubbed as Clyde into her head and appeared just to give him a swift kick to the side which even with her flattened foot, left no effect.

"Well damn."

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The man looked down at the black clad attack and with little hesitation raised his fist and clocked her. Chloe looked less than amused. She spoke in a loud and clear voice that seemed to resignate around the room,

"Those two should be kicking themselves for getting involved."

She turned towards the man,

"Come on, I want to have to head over to the jewelry store so I can have some earrings to go with the outfit."

The man grunted and looked at her,

"Do do really need more?"

Chloe gave a beautiful smile,

"Of course, I want to look my best for out date tonight."

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Before Jade Dragon could answer the question, what looked like a matte black shadow came out to attack the big man. Not the smartest move as it look like the repercussions were brutal. She winced, but now she had people other than the cops to look out for. Hopping down from the post, Jade Dragon ran through and into the store. She made note of the biggest and possibly most dangerous target. The woman he was talking to was awfully calm for a bystander. But for now she had to get the big one. Running up tom him, she tried to confuse him with a kick off of his chest to throw him off balance and followed it up by letting loose a white shaft of light from her bow after she yelled the word "FÅ«!" The arrow swerved a bit and seemed to reposition itself to attack again!

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The large man turned his attention to the girl shooting glowing arrows. Taking a few long strides forward and aiming a large fist her way. However she evaded his hit and left him standing close with his girlfriend actually taking the time to stand and move forward more into the action. This was a bad move on her part, as Sil recovered from that hit she moved in on the woman with the commanding voice instead and gave her a good punch into the stomach which knocked the wind out of her before she could even react.

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Jade Dragon was confused by the chess like movement of the big man and the woman. Was she more than she thought? The matte black shadow seemed to think so and took action. Now to take care of the other guy, Jade Dragon thought. She silently grunted as the air spell she shot at the large man missed again. Though she had a plan, "Hey! Didn't someone tell you? Mustaches that huge went out in the eighties!" She pulled back and arrow, "Why don't you think on that a bit?" A red shaft of light fired off at the biker man as Jade Dragon shouted, "Ka!"

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The was too distracted by woman in black's attack to his girl to notice the incoming arrow from the woman in green. When it hit he didn't feel anything but the difference was startling. Immediately the entire place went up in flames, as shadows of demons started to linger around the wall and in the distance was what looked like an army, thousands of people welding guns and knives coming forward.

"What the hell?!"

Backing away from the door near Jade, there was some confusion from other people as he started gunning it in the other direction. Chloe caught onto what was happening immediately, though the attacking woman concerned her, this was a more pressing matter. She tried to focus her power to calm him, but couldn't break through the other person's power.

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Sil tried to get another hit on the woman but missed by a mile as Clyde shot past them in a frenzy. Glancing over at Jade Dragon she looked at the large man now trying to find refuge in a clothing rack.

"Well that works, what in the world did you hit him with?"

She turned a bit of attention to the woman named Chloe who seemed to be looking intently in Clyde's direction, probably trying to undo the damage, and clearly failing.

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As the large man's most private fears burned inside, Jade Dragon turned her attention to the woman who tried to stop the fire from rising inside him. Not before the matte black shadow got a word in though. "Elemental fire," she said looking at the woman but talking to the matte black shadow, "it governs your emotions. Right now, big boy is living out his fears." She switched her attention back to the woman, "Now, you have a choice here. You're outnumbered and, hopefully, smart. You can come peacefully and you probably will get off with a night's stay in jail. You didn't steal anything but your buddy there beat up some cops. Think it over." She smiled and readied to shoot if the woman did anything rash.

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Chloe didn't have many options. Against one, she had a chance, but they both seemed formmidable, formidable enough With her boyfriend cowering in fear, and the two heroes waiting for her response, Chloe only had one response. She looked at the two of them, and said with a strong voice.

"Knock yourself out."

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Hearing the words, Sil took a hit from her own hand to the face, but was able to hold back enough to not do any real damage. Looking at the woman, she flattened her hand and gave her a good hit right in the kisser. Her bladed hand left a good large cut on her pretty cheek, with a smile she said,

"Ouch, hope that doesn't leave a scar, you're looks seem to be the only thing you have going for you."

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Apparently the matte black shadow too orders took well, either that or Miss Chloe here was a mind taker. Jade Dragon wondered though, how she could deal with such a person. Even if the Earth trapped her, she'd still beable to mess with them. The Fire was usually strong in mind takers, enough so not to be worried by her own Fire. The Void would probably swallow her whole. She smirked as she thought, back to square one I guess. Sliding forward, she ran past the mind taker doing an aerial flip before pulling back the bow and yelling, "FÅ«!" before she landed. A shaft of white light shot at the mind taker, blowing her away.

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Hearing the word from the archer which Sil had learned meant that something was happening, she moved out of the way quickly and watched the white shaft hit Chloe in the chest, and sent her flying. Now, she didn't mean flying like someone had been thrown, or even flying like say half the heroes in the city, she meant full on, hurtling backwards like this chick was being pushed by a bulldozer. First she hit the far wall knocking through a rack of clothing and than the wall itself, than she went through the back inventory area of the store and burst through ANOTHER stone wall, which apparently led out to the parking lot before she went completely out of her sight. A second or two later, there was the sound of crunching metal like a car accident followed quickly by the sound of a car alarm. If Sil's face wasn't completely hidden by her mask, one could of seen her mouth hanging open and her eyebrows raised to the top of her head.


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As both Chloe, and the guy who's name turned out to be Greg were both less than willing to fight anymore when the real cops came around to take them away, they co-operated well enough just so they wouldn't have to fight anymore. Though Greg did put up a fight about his bike being inpounded, he considered Jade Dragon for a second and decided just to go with it because they hadn't actually stolen anything (and the property damage disappeared in a few minutes courtesy of Dr. Metropolis).

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Jade Dragon nodded at the matte black shadow's admonishment, "Thanks. I'll be back in a moment." She went to check on Chloe. She found that she was knocked a bit silly, but conscious. She started to call the cops, but she heard sirens in the distance. Picking up Chloe, she rushed back into the store. Maybe the matte black shadow would be there and they could exchange information. it seemed like a trend: Something goes bad. She and another hero meet to solve the problem. They'd get a little bit of info on each other and talk a bit before parting. Heck, she even had coffee with Wail. It was not a bad set up. When she returned, the matte black shadow was still there and so was the other guy. It was a short quiet time as the heroes watched the would-be criminals. The cops came and did their thing and now all that was left were the green and black heroines. "Hello," Eve said confidently, "I am Jade Dragon. And who might you be?"

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Sil hung around to talk to the cops, when Jade Dragon came around she might of tried a smile, if her mask didn't sort of mute out any expression.

"Silhouette, or Sil, most people I know shorten it. I'm usually not around during the day, or in this area, but I was around I'm sure you know how that works."

Though really it was hard to tell what her area was. She was moving around South Freedom a lot more often, even though she usually started with the Fens. Having a car really helped her extend her patrol area.

"Heard about you, that whole nasty business, didn't know about the arrow thing though, I think the last one used a sword or something. Either way, owning the whole hero thing, especially that white arrow, I wouldn't be surprised if that chick would have flown to Pyramid Plaza if she didn't hit that car. Which, owe, I hope they had hero insurance."

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A shadow named Silhouette. Jade Dragon couldn't help but think of the simpler days of superhero names. She liked Silhouette's indicative name. Silhouette also knew her history, which Jade Dragon nodded to as she spoke. "Yeah," Jade Dragon spoke up after Silhouette was finished, looking at Dr Metropolis in action, "Hero insurance. Hope everything is taken care of there." She he turned her attention to Silhouette, "Nice to meet you, by the way." She said reaching out a hand. "you aren't alone on the night watch. I just so happen to do that myself. But yeah, I learned recently you have to be alert at all times. It was about a week ago I started carrying my costume with me everywhere."

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"Ain't no rest for the wicked, or in this case the mildly unpleasant. Least they gave up when they were behind, some of these guys can't ever accept that they're beaten."

She glanced around, there wasn't many mallgoers around, but they were too costumed super heroes standing in the middle of a Belk,

"You mind if we pick this conversation up elsewhere, while there's not nearly as much chance that someone who hates my guts would take a shot at me when I'm in the open outside of the Fens or Greenbank, not terribly fond of being caught on camera, any camera."

She motioned to the security camera in the corner.

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Jade Dragon looked around at the sparse activity picking back up. Good old Freedom City bystanders. A scene of mass destruction wouldn't phase them if even one superhero was around. "Tell you what," she said to Silhouette, "Let me get out of costume really quick and I'll take you where we can sit down and have a conversation and a meal too." She thought for a moment, "unless you're really not into public places at all. We can skip Champions and go sit on a roof top." Jade Dragon really hoped Silhouette wasn't that kind of blackclad hero. She had heard about the Moore era style heroes and the ultraviolence and pouches didn't appeal yo her that much.

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Sil noticed the bystanders too, though what she saw was more apathy than anything,

Not that I can't say I wasn't the same way.

"Tough choice, well considering I have neither grappling hook, a flying bike or the ability to leap two story buildings in a single bound, Champions sounds fine."

It sounded better than fine actually, she loved looking through the memorabilia and she hadn't visited it in forever so they might actually have some new stuff.

"I must warn you though, you might be paying the lions share."

She paused for a second calculating a Champions meal in her head,

"Okay probably everything but the tip, there's no money in the hero business especially since there's no Silhouette comics to collect royalties from."

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Jade Dragon nodded, "Sure, you can consider this whole thing on me. Back in a moment." Jade Dragon quickly tracked back to her merchandise in the bathroom. With a quick yank, the suit came off and folded itself neatly. She dressed in the Freedom Rayguns jersey and shorts she got from the athletics shop she stopped by earlier. The Rayguns were something she had cheered since she was a child, and was fiercely loyal to them. Grabbing her stuff and rushing back out, she met up with Silhouette. "So, ready to go? We can use my car if you wish."

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If Sil had been running the first time she had to get to the actual ruckus in the Belk, it was nothing compared to now. She ran from the store to the bathroom(while flat) changed, bought the supplies, ran to her car, changed in her car, dropped off her supplies than ran back. As such, when Jade Dragon had returned in civilian attire though Sil had returned a few minutes earlier by some miracle she had not yet caught her breath and if you could look closely even in her muted expression she was leaning against the wall still panting.


She let out a huff and let her breath slow before she answered again,

"No, it's alright, I have a car in the parking lot. We can meet there since I don't want to leave it."

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Eve agreed with Silhouette and they both met at the front door of Champion's a short while later. It wasn't that busy, but there still was a crowd. It was a Sunday crowd, mostly made of the elderly. They reminisced on the displays of the heroes of their eras, paying tribute to the Liberty League and the Centurion. While the two didn't stick out so much like a sore thumb, the people under thirty noticed the two heroes when they walked in. Eve was happy to oblige small questions, but she was here to eat and talk to someone. The waiter escorted them to their table and they were seated. After giving menus and taking drink orders the waiter left. "Swanky," Eve smiled and chuckled. "I never get to come here as often as I like. What about you? What do you do in your off time? Or would that be too telling?"

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