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Start the stupid wedding thread already!


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Okay, so this needs to get done, so let's do it! Here's the invite list:

The Wedding Party:



Jill O' Cure


Jack of All Blades


Plus Ones:

Dr. Archeville



Also Invited:



Fleur de Joie

Let me know if your character plans to attend; part of me wants to skip RPing the reception, but that's usually where all the fun socializing happens, so I might be a fool to skip that.

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A wedding is no place to hold grudges. :)

Indeed! They got along fine at Derrick and Stesha's wedding.

So after consulting with Quote in chat, it looks like I'll basically just describe the service and we'll cut to the reception, just like we did for Jack and Taylor's wedding. Date is set for Sunday, May 22nd.

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By May 22, Stesha is too fat too wear any of her dresses and Derrick is never around anyway, so she's going to send her regrets, along with a glorious flower arrangement and a nice present. Any flowers or plants present at the ceremony and reception will be exceptionally lush and beautiful that day.

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As Doc's RL issues are getting worse, I've received the OK from him to 'assume his character fades to the background' for now in the thread. He'll post again IF he can, but we can't afford to wait on him lest we let this thread die out.

Oh crap, I'm so sorry to hear that! Of course we'll work around him, and I hope his life gets less complicated soon :(

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