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Avenger Assembled

The Great Escape (OOC)

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Hokay, can't beat that taunt on a nat-20.

Fort vs. Stun: 23

Okay, that passes. (I realized that +15 was way too high when I gave you guys tasers, so the bees will be rolling 10-12 as their Fort save)

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I considered punching it. But, at most it'd be a DC20 save. So, I'll just run up and stungun it.

Move Action: Move close enough to use taser.

All Out Attack: Defense is +10, Melee Attack is +12

Standard Action: Attack with taser.

17. And that's a hit!

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Dang, I think I made this sucker's Fort save too high!

Okay, Heyzel is up.

Heyzel Power Attacks the bee with the taser.



Yay HP! 25

That hits.

Fort vs. 22



You know, I'll surge and just punch the damn thing. Power Attack


Tou vs 26:


Bruised and stunned

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Right, so, in concert with word that will hopefully soothe the savage beest (please don't hurt me), I'm going to use a Diplomacy check.

With powers gone, Gabriel has +15 to Diplomacy. Theoretically, I could take 10 with Skill Mastery, but...I'm an overachiever with Hero Points to spare. :D

Natural 20, for a 35; if not for that blasted penalty, he'd be downright helpful now!

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Move Action: Charge: +2 Attack, -2 Defense. Move up next to the punk.

Standard Action: Smack him with the Taser. Which is part of the Charge, but still.

18. Looks like that doesn't hit (sheet seems to indicate he has 24 Defense)

Hero Point to reroll!

18 again, but with the reroll bonus it's 28, which is enough. Stun 7 attack.

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