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Save the Girlfriend, Save the World (OOC)


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Crow blows an HP, leaving him with 1 left, and retweaks the teleporter to give Dimensional Movement 1 [Avalon] (Extras: Affects Others, Progression 2). We can bring 5 people along, which will include Wisp once we get her back. :D

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Okay! Myr Summons a Shockwave Emitter.

Shockwave Emitter - Trip 7 [Extras: Knockback, Area [burst] (general); Flaw: Distracting; Power Feat: Improved Trip]

That's a 35 ft radius effect, so I aim at the largest concentration of them. (I'll let you determine how many it affects.)

DC 17 Reflex for everybody within the blast radius, if they fail take the worse of their dex/str vs. a trip attempt w/ knockback.

Mooks bounced around like pinballs time! Note that Myrmidon has lost his dodge bonus this round since he had to brace the weapon (distracting).

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Crow'll burn an HP to break the stun...and he's pissed.

Time to goonsweep! Crow Takes 10 on the first minion, Charging for +2 Attack, -2 Defense. Add All Out Attack for that, +5 Attack, -5 Defense. Then add Power Attack, +5 Damage, -5 Attack. With his current +8 Attack, that makes my Take 10 give me a flat 20 to hit. According to Raveled, that beats the minions' defense; and a DC 27 (+5 Damage from Power Attack) blows right through them. Add Takedown Attack 2, and Crow goes through those minions like a knife through butter.

Posting IC shortly.

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Cue epic escape sequence start!

Myrmidon spends a HP to get the +Heroic on his duplicate, and calls the max number out.

On his move he commands them to combo attack to take out the load bearing columns, etc. The weapon they use for this is:

Seismic Wave Inducer: Blast 8 (Extra: Area [burst]; Flaws: Limited [Objects Only]; Drawback: Reduced Range [5 70ft Range Increments, 350ft Max Range]) [15PP]

They really can't miss a stationary target, so that's a total of a DC 43 Tough Save vs. The Structure. 15 Base Toughness save + 8 Blast Save + 2(x10) Combo Attack Save = 43 total.

I'm guessing that it's made of stone, which has a Toughness of 5, as described on page 166 of the Core Book. Myrmidon is hoping to bring down the temple, or at the very least cause some major structural damage.

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