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Suburban Horror (OOC)


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Sounds good.

Given her analytical senses she can pick up the exact nature of the enchantment. A house is covered in a nullify magic field - one created by a device rather than a spell.

A knowledge Roll (Arcane) may give you more.

In essence however, She wont be able to use her magic in the house.

Perhaps more interesting, the house is full of other magic - within the house there is someting from another realm trying to enter this one...

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I thought you might like a change of pace with some sword fighting an a big Gargoyle!

Arcane Knowledge:

The nullification field is something to do with horrible chaos dimensions, always shifting. You have heard of some horrible Aztec artifacts that disrupted magic like that, dripped in sacrificial blood - they came as Gold encrusted skulls.

There is a touch of something ghostly going on the house.

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As time is not pressing, Custos will do it sooner or later. The building is an unremarkable brick and wood house, so I will say toughness 7 exterior walls, toughness 5 interior walls. No rolls necessary at present.

Also: COuld Etain carry painting with her, would be good to keep up dialogue and hints etc.

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Ok, Initiative time.

I can't say Thugs are particularly surprised, neither are you!

THugs initiative 1d20+1=15

These guys are slightly better equipped than your average thug, wearing ballistic vests and carrying silenced heavy pistols. They remain goons, although they look like they have had a little money thrown at them.

Important Stats (nb they are minions)...

Attack +2, Defence +2, Toughness +4, Fort +4, Reflex +1, Will +0, Damage +2 (unarmed), +4 (Heavy Pistol).

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My post is having Changeling already attack.

NO worries, it kind of fits... Ill post Etains attack, which is, I see, a DC 19 Tough Save

1d20+4=7 He is out.

Slight problem here is that as far as I can tell bullets/swords etc do lethal damage (hence you have to use another EP to buy stun amunition for a gun and do non-lethal), and I don't think Etain is a lethal type of character.

Any thoughts on this?

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INteresting, we will go with that then. I wonder what stun ammunition is for then?

Nevertheless, goon is down and I will get to posting.

THe two thugs are going to open fire on Etain and CUstos respectively. Thats some defence bonus Etain has, so only a nat 20 will hit her.

1d20+2=10, 1d20+2=21

Thats a DC 19 toughness save for Custos which looks easy enough. Lethal damage from bullets.

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