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Well I think Investigate and Search are a bit muddled in the rules.

As I understand it, Search is to "find" clues - or anything.

Investigate seems to be study clues - in a kind of forensic way.

Unfortunately it seems investigate is going to be sorely underused, which is why I try to throw it in more!

However I'll leave this to your discretion, arguably there is a clue in front of him and he is looking into it, arguably its a search. Fortunately its the same bonus for Lord Steam so illl just take 10 (As its no pressure) to get 20.

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Roll for search, 7, fail. Huh, I need to consult my book, let me get to my computer before I continue. Screw it, I'll take ten, say Carrie's doing so while in her alternate form, with a stealth check with Hide In Plain Sight, it's DC 25 for him to notice her even if he looks right at her. Means it'll be a little time before she comes out again. Also, take ten on the notice check.
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Lord Steam (? and Carrie) will use the next hour or two to make a Gather Information check.

Looking into what the Firm does, any connection with smuggling or import / export.


Should be enough (gets Restricted information, although from rulebook this requires locating someone with information - not sure what that means!).

If its relevant, will use connected feat if possible to try and find somebody who can get us an introduction or reason to snoop.

DC for that is up to you, but the roll:


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