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Recruitment for: Wayward Transit.(CLOSED HERE)


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Basic plot Idea: Some heroes/heroines are on a bus traversing Freedom City in Midtown. The bus is stolen by an entity who submits the heroes aboard to a series of riddles and tests.

Where: Midtown.

When: Thread begins as soon as we get enough players(Edit'd). In-universe it takes place in early May.

What: Very light Skill/heavy Social thread with no combat planned.

Who: \\PL 7-10 EDIT: Actually, five is good, maybe even too many. We'll see, but I'm going to close recruitment here and start it up.

Why: To provide a platform for launching relationships among players who may not have met or were only recently established.

Players Joined: Arichamus(GM/PC), felicitousFolly(PC), Quotemyname(PC), Azuth65(PC), Cubist(?)(PC)

PS. Edit: Requests for entry should be directed to the OOC thread.

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Jubatus, being a hardcore jerk, could be interesting/amusing in a social-heavy thread. Of course, it does kind of beg the question of what the heck a speedster is doing on public transit... but I can think of two possible reasons off the top of my head, and there are any number of other potential candidates.

One: One of the things Jube does in his day job is, he's a freelance technical writer. The Freedom City Transit Authority could have hired him to re-do some of its documents (website, route maps, etc etc). Either the FCTA insists on any such tech writer getting 'hands on' experience with the transit system, or else fussbudget perfectionist Jube insisted on doing that just because.

Two: As per Jube's 'Nature of the Beast' complication, he really shouldn't be going bipedal, because his skeleton & etc are all designed for quadrupedal posture. So maybe his personal physician ordered him to take the bus everywhere for N days solid (because that way, he's going to spend a lot of time sitting down, which would take a lot of stress off his much-abused lower back and give him a chance to heal up some from the long-term stress/damage of bipedalness).

Three: Something else I couldn't, or at least didn't, think of.

Yes? No?

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If you're willing to extend to PL10 (since it's non-combat), I'd submit Falconer. He's relatively new and could use some new PC connections. Also, being a hostage on a bus would be an interesting role reversal to his normal military theme. He's usually the one freeing hostages and such. He's not used to Being one. Also, as a Badass Normal, he's got a wide array of skills and feats to take advantage of.

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PL cap adjusted per your suggestion Quotemyname. Cubist: sure thing! I was thinking of this as more of platform for players with less exposure and experience, but it would be good to have more experienced role-players around to showhow it's done. I'll increase the player limit to seven or so.

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Things are about wrapped up as far as that discussion goes. I just need to draw up a final version of a character edit and submit it. So it looks like a day or so is likely, if not shorter, depending on how fast the edit gets taken care of, etc. However, the nature of the edit being his Equipment feats, I'm sure I can get away with playing him in this thread by just not _bringing_ any of it. (why would I have guns on a bus?).

So it looks like we might be able to stay on schedule for this. Sorry for the scare/delay.

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