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Brimstone & Whetstone [OOC]

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Alright, taking the first group of hellhounds, then.

Jack of all Blades

Move Action: Get over there!

Standard Action: Energy Blade Flurry; Power Attack 5. (1d20+15=34, 1d20+15=27, 1d20+15=20, 1d20+15=27, 1d20+15=35, 1d20+15=19, 1d20+15=26, 1d20+15=25, 1d20+15=34, 1d20+15=27)

Okay! So lots of rolls in anticipation of Takedown Attack 2. Hits 1, 5 and 9 are critical hits, for the sake of argument. Let me know how that goes.

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Jack - 18 - 8HP - Unharmed

Hellhounds [on Jack] - 7 - 8 left [2 with -2 Defence from charging]

Hellhounds [going to door] - 7 - 2 left

Right, the middle two are charging. However, only one is attacking, the other is aiding: Aid roll for charging hellhound (1d20+10=17)

The other 6 hounds also Aid: DC 10 Aid checks (1d20+8=24, 1d20+8=23, 1d20+8=19, 1d20+8=18, 1d20+8=15, 1d20+8=27) Sudden burst of attack roll competence their master lacks... So, total of 7 successful Aids, plus a +2 charging bonus, and a base +8 Attack... That's +24 to hit. DC 18 Drain Toughness, followed by DC 23 Strike. (1d20+24=38)

Jack is up. To clarify, he's surrounded by 8 Hellhounds, and another 2 are on his lawn within Charging distance.

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Well, got the HP to burn, so I may as well double his dodge bonus to avoid that attack.

Jack of all Blades

Standard Attack: Energy Blade Flurry; Power Attack 5. (1d20+15=22, 1d20+15=30, 1d20+15=19, 1d20+15=17, 1d20+15=17, 1d20+15=27, 1d20+15=22, 1d20+15=18)

Extra Effort: Surge

Standard Action: Energy Blade Flurry; Charge, Power Attack 5. (1d20+17=31, 1d20+17=33)

He's still got a move action, so let me know if there's anything left standing he needs to distract or whatever.

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