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Training Day (OOC)

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Thread for Falconer, Wisp, Crow, and Glowstar.

OOC thread if needed. Though I expect this thread to be entirely role playing if I can help it.

Still, players should post here so that I know they're following the OOC in case anything needs to be said or cleared up.

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(09:27:38) Azuth65: QMN, just checking, do I need to beat the notice check and the acrobatic bluff check to act unsurprised or just one of them?

(09:27:56) quotemyname: Eh, just one is fine.

(09:28:34) quotemyname: Do me a favor, when you post your results, quote me saying that. I'm too lazy to put up another OOC post just to clarify that.

1d20+14=34 Yeah, Vicky catches the acrobatic bluff.

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Yes! I'm sorry, I forgot to put an update here. The Falconer issues have been resolved, though the edits haven't gone through on his sheet yet. Assume everything is continuing as planned. To clarify one last time. The characters in training will not be firing guns in this thread, or even learning how to do so in theory. They will simply be learning the proper way to disarm an armed assailant without putting themselves or others in danger.

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