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A question on Power Reserve...

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Hi Everyone! I'm just about done with my character concepts (my PL 10 is done) and I had a couple of questions to ask just to make sure I'm reading the rules right.

Are there any limits on how those power points are spent? UP never laid any ground rules for that, they just said "you receive power points equal to twice power reserve's power rank." My understanding is that these power points are spent like character creation, meaning that buying extras and power feats is a valid action.

I'm asking because I was working on modifying Ecalsneerg's PL7 Paragon build and was thinking of adding Strike into a Power Reserve of Speed, Super-Senses and Super-Strength, with two ranks of Air-Walking providing lift. I was thinking I might gain a small pp savings due to action economy.

Would I be better served in putting those points into Super Strength power feats?

Just to ask since, I didn't see it in the house rules, Is the Wide Extra from MM valid here?

If people want my to post my Krypto-expy, just ask, but I'd thought I'd save screen-space.

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The Wide extra (from Mastermind's Manual) is not allowed, no. (This does not need to be stated in the House Rules, due to the second line saying "anything from another book which is not specifically listed here must be approved by the Moderators on a case-by-case basis")

Kensons says that Power Reserve is just for improving the ranks of the power, not adding Extras or Power Feats. He says a GM may allow otherwise, but this is something the Refs would need to discuss. (And Ref discussion tends to take some time, so yo should assume the default ruling for now.)

Also, I am wary of having Super-Senses as something Power Reserve adds to, for the same reason we're wary of Super-Senses being in an Array.

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