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Freedom Angel (PL11, Tier 2 NPC) - AvengerAssembled

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Player Name: AvengerAssembled

Character Name: Freedom Angel

Power Level: 11 (150/164PP)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent PP: 14

Progress To Impervium Status: 14/150pp (Platinum status earned with Edge)

In Brief: Angelic ambassador from a Heaven losing its connection to the temporal plane

Alternate Identities: The Angel of Freedom, Heyzel (‘haze-el’)

Identity: Public, though the general public does not believe Freedom Angel is actually an angel

Birthplace: Heaven

Occupation: Angel of freedom, superhero, humanitarian

Affiliations: Abrahamic monotheism, the common fraternity of man

Family: Jeanne d’Arc (Mother), Azazel (Father)

Age: 578 (born 1432)

Apparent Age: 33

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Indeterminate (looks Arabic to N. American eyes)

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 200 lbs.

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Black

Description: With his pale brown skin, prominent Roman nose, glossy black hair in ringlets, and dark brown eyes, Heyzel is cast in the image of the children of a Near Eastern desert god. One would call his manner deceptively mild, if deception wasn’t so far from his nature. In person he is soft-spoken and easy to get along with and rarely raises his voice without a need. Only when suitably aroused to great passion does his angelic demeanor emerge: as his halo glows with impossible brightness and his eyes flash with emotion, it becomes readily apparent that _this_ is truly a child of Yahweh. His wings are fluffy and white, like an angel’s wings from a Victorian illustration, and quite soft to the touch: curving up above his head when open, they add another two feet or so to his height. In the civilian garb of button-down shirts and khakis he favors, they are the only clue (at least to mortal eyes) that he is anything other than a soft-spoken human being with a strong inner reserve.

Power Descriptions:

Freedom Angel goes into battle in Romanesque armor consisting of a red leather skirt and sandals, white round shield emblazoned with a red Florian cross, iron breastplate, and white undertunic and garments. He is armed with a spatha, three feet of steel crafted by holy craftsmen, burning with a perpetual white flame of truth. The sword cannot be taken from him, and he can at will banish it to have his hands free. The blade itself is engraved with a representation of the chi rho, the personal symbol of the Emperor Constantine the Great. He is a shining beacon to all who stand with him on the field, his flaming sword and burning halo visible from miles off. He lacks the flashy powers of his more powerful brothers and sisters, but with his unflappable courage and ever-sharp sword, he makes up for that lack by blood and sweat.


Somewhere, far away from here, there are beautiful places where good people go to pass into a joyful eternity. As there are infinite souls, there are infinite such planes, but the most famous of course is Heaven: the joyful place where those who have loved truly and kept their faith alive in darkest times are reunited with each other amidst the shining glory of the divine. It is a place of safety and magnificent wonders, a place where the joys of the world are lived forever more. There children play happily in beautiful ponds and streams, here men and women work together to build communities of love and harmony, where no one ever gets sick and no one is ever claimed by age.

The angels guard this place, shepherding the children and grandchildren of Abraham and Sarah as the Blessed enjoy their magnificent Hereafter, under the personal rule of Gabriel, the right hand of God. Many of them were once blessed souls themselves, imbued with the power of angels for their goodness and mercy, bearing children together to carry on their divinely appointed mission. Heyzel was born from such a union centuries ago as we count it, his parents chosen by the Archangel Gavriel to carry forth the legacy of the angels. The angel Heyzel grew up with a fiery determination to see the world which his mother spoke about so admiringly (she’d been a woman of adventure and passion in her youth), and a desire to right the many wrongs of the Earth. But the angels were not the crusaders they had once been: they are defenders now, warriors against the machinations of the Adversary and his pawns among the so-called pagan gods.

It was only as Heyzel grew a little older that finally he learned the secret of the angels, the great trust they'd been given and the fear that tugged at each and every pure soul. The truth was that the Logos, the Divine Word, had not been heard in Heaven for centuries. Gabriel had spoken for the Word as best he could, but the angels had not carried a direct connection to the Divine since the year 535 of the Common Era. None of the angels knew why the Divine had departed, only that it had. What did it mean that the Creator had abandoned his creation, appearing only in signs and miracles, never speaking to the Faithful?

It was a mystery, and one that the young angel vowed to solve. Winning a personal audience with Gabriel, Heyzel persuaded the Archangel to dispatch him as an ambassador to the world below, a champion of righteousness and symbol of the justice and goodness of Heaven, who would at the same time seek out allies in the world below to tease out what had befallen the Almighty. It was a powerful burden to bear, but with the Sword of Truth and Shield of Faith in hand, Heyzel was ready to adventure in the world below. And so he did, fighting alongside the Freedom League and friends in Freedom City, until some month ago he was forced to make a hasty return home.

Personality & Motivation:

Heyzel is a man of deep faith and conviction, a creature of near-absolute moral certainty and righteousness. This has made his discovery of the grey areas of the world deeply depressing for him, and redoubled his desire to make the world a better place. He is ultimately young, a man looking to find his place in a world that embraces him as an agent of the Lord without any understanding of righteousness. Ever the diplomat, he does his best to talk a fight down whenever engaged in combat with mortals. He never lies, never cheats, and always works for the good. But as demons and monsters alike have discovered, nice is different than good.


Cannot Lie: Heyzel cannot lie. In fact, it would not occur to him to try. This does not always mean, however, that he must always tell the truth.

Diplomat: Heyzel is a peacemaker who seeks to avoid conflict with any but obvious demons. The GM can feel free to have Heyzel spend a standard action trying to talk an enemy down rather than directly engaging them in battle.

Enemies: As the most powerful angel openly active in the Prime Material Realm, the angel of Freedom is a natural target for the infernalists and demons of the world. There are also those who might call themselves his theological allies who object to his message.

Legacy: Though he knows it’s silly, Heyzel feels a certain obligation to the historical memory of his mother’s time on Earth, and if France, Roman Catholicism, or the image of young women were threatened, he would drop all but the most urgent matters to go deal with such matters.

Rivalry: Yahweh has won. Though He is elsewhere and his agents all but powerless directly on Earth, the worship of the old gods has been broken across the globe. Heyzel has an uncharitable view of the so-called pagan gods, and they and their worshippers are likely inclined to feel the same. The GM can feel free to introduce a complication there whenever it seems likely.

Symbol: Freedom Angel is a symbol to all Abrahamic religions (and others as well), for all that the worship of the Creator does not match the full dogma of any of those faiths. His relationship with believers of those faiths can be complicated, and well worth an HP at the GM’s discretion.


Despite the name, Freedom Angel's flaming sword has the descriptors (slashing/holy).

His Feature is mechanically Immunity 2 (Bluff check) with the Flaw (not in combat; i.e., he can still be Feinted and Tricked)

Abilities: 50 pp

STR: 22 (+6)

DEX: 16 (+3)

CON: 20 (+5)

INT: 10 (+0)

WIS: 22 (+6)

CHA: 20 (+5)

Combat: 16 pp

ATK: +4 (+10 melee)

DEF: +10 (+2 flat-footed)

Init: +3

Grapple: +16

Knockback: -5

Saves: 11 pp

TOU: +10 (+5 Con, +5 Protection)

FORT: +10 (+5 Con, +5)

REF: +5 (+3 Ref, +2)

WILL: +10 (+6 Wis, +4)

Skills: 17 pp=68 r

Diplomacy 10 (+15)*,

Intimidate 10 (+15)*,

Knowledge (arcane lore) 5 (+5),

Knowledge (history) 5 (+5),

Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 10 (+10),

Notice 14 (+20)*,

Sense Motive 14 (+20)*,

Feats: 21 pp

Attack Focus (melee) 6,

Dodge Focus 6,




Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive)


Takedown Attack,

Ultimate Save (Will),

Ultimate Skill (Diplomacy),

Uncanny Dodge (auditory)

Powers: 34 pp

Comprehend 2 (languages 2 [speak and understand one at a time]) [4 pp], 'Tongue of Babel'

Feature 1 (Cannot Be Lied To) [1 pp] 'angelic wisdom'

Flight 3 (50 MPH; Drawback: Power Loss [Restrainable] {uncommon, minor} [5 pp] 'winged'

Immunity 7 (aging, disease, poison, sleep, starvation and thirst, suffocation) [7 pp] 'angelic body'

Light Control 1 (5 ft; Flaw: Range [Touch]) 'halo' [1 pp]

Protection 5 [5 pp], 'divine armor'

Regeneration 1 (Resurrection 1/week; PFs: Persistent, Regrowth) [3 pp] 'immortal soul'

Strike 4 (PFs: Affects Insubstantial 2, Mighty) [7 pp] ‘flaming sword’'

Super-Senses 1 (Infernal Awareness [mental]) [1 pp]

Totals: Abilities 50 + Skills 17 (68 ranks) + Feats 21 + Powers 34 + Combat 16 + Saves 11 = 150/164pp

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