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Mayhem for Sale (OOC)


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I'll let you guys decide how you want to go about tackling this problem.

There's about 20 guys on the pier, that came in 6 SUV's. 7 of which are obviously armed with machine guns. The others don't have weapons readily apparent, but in all likely hood, they're armed, but with lower caliber weapons than their peers. There doesn't appear to be a given leader, but they are organized, and are avoiding talking to stay as quiet as possible.

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Overactive Imagination (1d20=7) She is not fatigued at the start of this thread.

Initiative (1d20+5=18) once it's needed.

As blueshift gets closer, are there any notice checks / other skill checks I can make? See what the other guys are armed with? anything written on the plates, crates, uniforms, etc?

Concealment 8 (All Visual, Audio & Radio Senses [Total]; Flaws: Blending; PFs: Close Range, Selective) {10dp} is currently active, along with a stealth check of: DC20 from Skill mastery.

Super Senses 9 (All Visual Senses [Extras], Danger Sense [Radio], Distance Sense, Infravision [Visual, Extras: Tracking], Radar [Radio, Extras: Accurate, Drawbacks: Not Radius], Radio) [9PP] is currently active as well.

I just need to know what kind of read from the area or situation I can get. It would also be helpful to know if I can sneak in further than the outside. Are there any windows or doors that can be opened? Can she sneak under the SUV's and roll Disable Device to diable them or anything? What are my options here? Need a little more than just dudes outside a warehouse.

Man... running characters that don't just hit things is really tough!

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Invention C-20A rifle:

Device 7 (31/35PP Container, Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [21PP] (Hybrid Rifle)

Arsenal 15 (30PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power) [31PP]

  • Base Power: Blast 9 (Extras: Autofire; PF: Accurate 3) [30PP] (Assault Rifle)

    Alternate Power: Blast 9 (Feats: Improved Aim, Improved Critical [19-20], Improved Range 4 [1 2,500ft Range Increment], Improved Sunder, Progression [Range] 1 [2,500ft Max Range], Precise, Subtle, Accurate 3) [30PP] (Sniper Rifle)

    Alternate Power: Dazzle 7 (Visual Senses; Extras: Area/Burst) [28pp] (Flash Bang)

    Alternate Power:Tear Gas Grenade as per M&M 140

    Alternate Power:
EMP Rank 11

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1. I already gave you the hero point

2. You have taken your surprise round action, you now have another action.

3. The fluff of the post says that they are making their way towards the cars. I was showing you what they intend to do on their action, as I did not declare any mechanical breakdown in the OOC, nothing has happened. They were reacting to you giving away your presence.

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Right totally forgot that the goons were up next in the initiative order. Every one of them takes a double move towards the vehicles. All of the guys that were on perimeter duty (the same guys with the machine guns) are still another double move away from the rest of the vehicles. They form basically a semi circle around the vehicles, so none of them are particularly close to another one. Of the 11 remaining guys, 6 make it to the trucks (1 guy per truck) and are at various stages of getting into the car, none have been started yet; the last 5 goons are a single move action away from the trucks. The trucks are at most, 20ft away from one another. This means that at the furthest, all of the non-machine gun goons are within 80ft of each other.

And I don't know how to turn that into an IC post beyond "they run towards the trucks".

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Fair enough. Push comes in with DA BOOM. Stunting from his Kinetic Control Array: Strike 14 (Kinetic Homing Blasts; Extras: Area [Targeted], Progression 2, Selective, Flaws: Distracting) [28/28PP] Push loses his Dodge Focus for this turn, so the mooks have to break a 14 to hit him while he's unleashing death (metaphorical) from above. With a +10 Attack on his Kinetic Energy Control Array, he can take 10 on the mooks for 20 Attack. DC 29 Toughness saves for any mook you think he'll hit, note he is doing this from above and is only aiming for the mooks who aren't already in the cars.

General plan here is take out everything that's here and call the cops down on it, let one car get away, then tail it back to the buyer. ;)

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Most indubitably.

Ok, Push takes out his tracking goggles, radios Blueshift, and promptly comes up with yet another bright idea. We is gonna find out exactly where they're taking these goods. Quote, think she can handle the thugs that are left? :D

Device 1 (5PP Container, Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) (Targeting Goggles) [4PP] - Super-Senses 5 (Distance Sense, Extended [All Visual Senses, 100ft Notice Increments], Infravision [Extras]) [5PP]

Note, Push hasn't used his Standard action yet; we'll see whether Blue needs the backup or not before he does.

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