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The tale of Blind Medusa

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After a few suggestions from Electra and the rest of the crew, I have come up with a rough draft. I would like some constructive criticism, please.

One day, mild mannered archaeologist, Alexandria Peters, was working to uncover what she and her crew believed to be the resting place of the mythical gorgon, Medusa. What they didn't know is that they'd found a portal to Medusa's realm! The gorgon was dead, but her spirit still flowed through the place. The spirit attacked the first person that walked into her realm, Alexandria. When the rest of the crew came through they saw Alexandria screaming and writhing in pain as her skin transformed into that of a snake and snakes popped out of her head! Though their most tragic moment would come when Alexandra gazed at them. They turned to stone as the old myth said. When she finally calmed down, she saw the fear on their faces as they tried to escape her unintentional wrath. She was alone. And a snake woman with snake hair. Overwhelming grief overcame her. Unable to bear the thought of turning anyone else to stone, she ensured that no one would see her eyes again. With a rag wrapped around her face, she stumbled out of the cave, bleeding but harmless now. Though she saw that she could still 'see'. The snakes jutting from where her hair used to be acted as 'sight'. That and she had a keen sense of taste of her own. She was definitely out of the archeology field. For good. Though she lived in a world of heroes. She would used her new powers responsibly. She whent home, and in her small town she was some what of a celebrity. Helping out the police with her powers. Though there was no comfort in her place of living. Her husband distanced himself away from her, uneasy about the snake woman he was living with. The plans for children were postponed. And eventually dropped when he left her. And now she felt alone in a crowd. Did anyone truly like her? Was she just the crime fighter they had for their town? She thought about it deeply and decided that she would leave for Freedom City. That way she would know for sure. There were many crime fighters there, she couldn't be a distraction there. She took the name Blind Medusa. She really didn't need a "secret identity" No one would be fooled by it, but she wanted to distance herself from Alexanria Peters. She feels like a loner, but may come to realize that no hero works alone in Freedom City.

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