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Space Safari

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Anyone interested in this?

Supercape is getting recruited by a mysterious patron to collect organic specimens from around the galaxy (or beyond).

Do any people want to join him?

Depending on interest, I may do this as a couple of individual threads, with Supercape asking for help from heroes with particular abilities for particular worlds: depending on something you can come up

E.g. Aquatic heroes -> Waterworld, Superstrong heroes -> High G world (or massive blob specimen), Flying heroes -> Gas giant, Superspeed heroes -> Superspeed specimen.

Let me know.

This thread (or threads) will end with a meeting with the mysterious patron!

Where Supercape finds out he is last on the list! (and may need rescuing!)

EDIT: Bring your own safari suits, bowler hats, and big nets with a stick on them.

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Jubatus would be well-suited to such a venture. Jube would also be rather suspicious of the 'patron'; yes, exotic specimens may well require hunters with exotic abilities, but why bother to recruit hunters from a podunk backwater planet like Earth? Is the 'patron' trying to avoid being scrutinized by the lawmen of their own society?

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The patron is "the Curator" from Freedom City source book. And his motives are impenetrable to more superheroes!

As SUpercape can teleport anywhere in the universe, he is a handy recruit!

If you would like to join up, any particular planet or quarry come to mind that SC would ask Jubatus for help with?

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The Curator? [reads up on Curator] Hmm. Anything that's public knowledge, or has appeared in the mainstream media, is fair game for a technically-oriented guy whose days are 150 hours long; too bad the Curator just isn't public knowledge.

What sort of quarry for Jube to go after: Hmmm...

  • [*:hsx92c31]Critter with superspeed (obvious choice)
    [*:hsx92c31]Critter from an environment that renders vision and hearing useless (underground cave w/ perpetual echoes? dark planet w/ high winds all the time?), so that scent is the primary useful sense
    [*:hsx92c31]Critter with continuum-tweaking abilities, which Jube's Timeshift power could perhaps counteract
    [*:hsx92c31]Critter that project some sort of power-nullification field, so that only innate physical stuff works. The idea being that Jube's Timeshift isn't working, but his cheetah qualities (including the 70-MPH hunting sprint) are still good.

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While she lacks loads and loads up lifting capacity, Wisp can carry about half a ton as a max load..., though Cape's "I can teleport anywhere in the universe" gig kinda negates half of what she brings to the table... If you have an idea for an acrobatic, sneaky, high strength, short-range teleporter, I'd love to join on this hunt. If not, I'll live.

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So far then (my ideas)

The hunts themselves are not necessarily combat (may have elements) but will involve chases, or environmental perils.

Cubist: A superspeeding quarry on a desert / plain world (needing speed and tracking?)

Wisp: An alien monkey which jumps around impossibly high trees on an alien low gravity jungle world (need someone fast, acrobatic, and teleporting through the trees)

Quinn: Some cave mites (which may swarm) in a high gravity, high pressure world (needing a telekenist to help move the rubble and stop cave ins. )

Feel free to change, and there is room for more if people have their ideas.

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Got room for Blueshift?

Got room for anyone who wants in - I will probably have to divide up the threads at this point, which is no problem.

All I need is a hook for SC to ask Blueshift to go a 'huntin. I confess I struggle a little with Blueshift as her skill and ability sets are similar (not identical) to Supercape. Have a think (I will!).

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I confess I struggle a little with Blueshift as her skill and ability sets are similar (not identical) to Supercape. Have a think (I will!).

Idea for Blueshift: What if the mysterious patron insists on catching the critters within a highly specific timeframe, and the patron's list of targets includes two critters which would be suitable for Supercape to handle? SC can be anywhere he wants, but only one place at a time, so whichever critter SC goes for, Blueshift can take the other.

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Fulcrum is solid for hunting anything particularly strong/tough/resistant to sedation/entrapment. She could wrestle the beast while wearing a funny hat! Danger! Danger!

Her Freeze Breath ability may be useful against superheated targets/environments, and the snare effect is just useful. Not to mention she could survive most harsh environments in the first place.

She'd be surprisingly good bait to take down something particularly massive (Godzilla?). She could run interference while the other heroes captured it, thus preventing some unnecessary roasting of team mates.

My question...what piques her interest in the space safari? Offhand, the opportunity to see alien worlds and alien forms would be a good starter. Thoughts?

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sounds good Darius.

The plot framework would involve Supercape seeking out people who can help him capture particular beasties. It looks like am alien T Rex or Gigantasour may be in order for Darius - add in some toxic gas world and good to go.

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1. Cubist's idea,

2. SC needs a "second opinion" on one of the critters

3. One of the worlds or critters is above his level of understanding, but not hers (which he may remember as having a slight advantage as evidenced in NEAR).

As a private motivation, curiosity is pretty big for her. She wouldn't say no to finding out new things!

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Wisp's always been a Sci-Fi fan and while she might not have been around for Sputnik or Apollo 11, she loves her Star Wars and Star Trek so any chance to be involved to "boldly go where no one has gone before" *cue Enterprise warp sound effect here*, she'd be all over that.

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Quinn, as we totally have plans for more date threads but have not yet enacted them, I think it's safe to assume that they'd probably be officially dating by this point. At least in some capacity (baring push wanting to "play the field" or anything along those lines).

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  • 4 weeks later...

OK this is back on, and have worked out the basic framework!

Space Safari Rosta

PL 14 Fulcrum - Confirmed

PL 12 Push - Confirmed

PL 10 Wisp - Confirmed

PL 10 Jubatus - Confirmed

PL 13 Gossamer - COnfirmed

PL 11 Blueshift - Confirmed

Please confirm you are still interested.

I have done my best to pair up all six according to PL and abilities. This isn't fixed, so if you have any other ideas sing out.

Pairing up:

Fulcrum / Gossamer (14/13) Giant beasty. / Arctic world.

Push / Blueshift (12/11) Ooze / Marsh world

Jubatus / Wisp (10/10) Superspeeding Beasty / Low G Jungle World

(NB the Ooze will need Blueshifts invisibility and tracking power, and Push telekinesis – as it will slip out of any grapple etc!)

Please let me know if you do/do not want pre-statted NPCs for these beasties (I don't mind either way, but I know personally I prefer the unknown providing nothing ridiculous is thrown at me). I will be throwing a fair bit of environmental problems at you as well. The stats for these beasties are nothing outrageous by the way, just grabbed off pre-existing material and slightly modified. I emphasise that the capture need not be done by punching lights out of enemy (although that may work). Whilst this thread has combat in it, it will hopefully challenge in other ways.

There will be four threads!

Prologue/Co-ordination/Epilogue. This is just for Supercape / GM posts initially to act as set up and co-ordination. It will also contain the end conflict with the Curators drones (open to any of you!).

Then the three hunt threads:

Space Safari: Big Beasty

Space Safari: Stinking Ooze

Space Safari: Jungle Runner

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I'm still down for this. Keep in mind, though Blueshift is technically PL11, I've (purposely) done nothing to increase her Combat potential above that of her base PL10 level.

I have no problem having the NPC stats hidden from me. I like surprises just like the next guy. I'd ask though that you run it by one of the ref's quickly to ensure that as you said, "nothing rediculous gets thrown at us".

My only other question is regarding Variable Powers, while we're on the subject of laying everything out. Blueshift has Gadgets 1. It only gives her 5pp, but it's still worth noting. Some GMs don't like allowing Immunity or Super Senses with Gadgets. Do you have any restrictions along those lines I should know about ahead of time?

Other than that, I'm good to go.

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