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Getting the Story (OOC)

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Very reasonable!

COuld you make a Will save vs DC 10 for the intimidate (As it may alter the accuracy of your attack that round).

Ok that hits (Defence 6) so +3 to DC from Autofire, making it a DC 28 Attack by my calculations

1d20+14=27 forgot to add the bruise, but still the end result is a bruise.

I'll hold off posting that just in case you get shaken by the intimidate.

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Nice stunt. I presume you are doing that with an HP?

(Grapples are the very reason I got an aura AP for Supercape!)

Ok Next Round...

16 - Reporter, Bruised x2

9 - Glowstar, Bruised, Pinned.

Repoerter inflicts strength damage on you by using you as a club in which to beat the ground... thats a DC 27 Tough Check.

However, as a reaction, he gets his own dose of Terminus Energy...

1d20+12=22 Bruised, and finally stunned, meaning he lets go of you.

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