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Wonder! Marvel! Fantasy! Terror... (OOC)


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Apparently no iron pieces Crow can lift are around the deck, so we'll have to go with an old classic. Port in, goomba-stomp with a Rune of Earth-powered foot, and promptly port out again, activating his Concealment as a Free Action. :D

All Out Attack (+5 Attack, -5 Defense) Earth Rune Stomp! (1d20+12=13) NO.

All Out Attack (+5 Attack, -5 Defense) Earth Rune Stomp Hero Point Redux! (1d20+12=17) 5+10 = 15, 15+12 = 27, hopefully that hits, DC 22 Toughness save from the fire dude. Also note, I'd neglected this earlier, but Crow also has Skill Mastery in Stealth, so he can Take 10 in a pinch; hence Stealth 22 when he ports back to where he originally was again (Turnabout FTW!).

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Stunting: Create Object 2 (Extras: Progression) ("Rune of Creation") [5 pp], giant water balloon covering a 20x20 area to douse the spot where the flames are. I'll let you decide how much the reflex and TOU saves are when the wave of water hits the small dude. ;) Crow ports out and hides behind a handy crate, letting the area's acoustics obscure his location. :D

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That's if he can see me. Crow activates his Concealment underwater, etc. etc. etc, then ports out above our good friend Branagh and curb-stomps his head. :D

All Out Attack (+5 Attack, -5 Defense),Charging (From Above! +2 Attack, -2 Defense) Boot to the head! Redux! (1d20+14=15) No.

All Out Attack (+5 Attack, -5 Defense), Charging (From Above! +2 Attack, -2 Defense) Boot to the head! Redux! Again (Burnt HP)! (1d20+14=28) Better. DC 22 Toughness save.

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