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PSA: Why Even Innocent People Should Never Talk To The Cops

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These have been making the rounds around the Internet for a couple of years now, but I just stumbled onto them, so maybe you haven't seen them yet either. They're both fascinating on their own merit and universally useful.

A veteran defense attorney makes the case that you should never submit to police questioning before a trial, and you should laywer-up immediately, because nothing you tell them off the witness stand can help you, it can only hurt you. He's followed by a veteran police officer who says "Yeah, all of that is true." It's mainly relevant to American viewers, but it's some very useful advice, even for people who consider themselves "law-abiding citizens with nothing to hide."

I think my "favorite" part is when the cop admits in no uncertain terms that the police are allowed to mislead you and outright lie to you during questioning, and that they do, regularly, as a standard interrogation *AHEM* interview technique.

The blog itself is irrelevant to my purposes. I've never read it before, so I can't vouch for its overall quality. But it's (for now) a stable and convenient link for both vids.

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