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Making a Splash (OOC)

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Rather academic post: I was going to ask for a diplomacy check on Gabriels speech to see if he could calm the panicked civilians.

Then I saw his diplomacy skill.

Mission accomplished! :D

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For reference:

Supercape: 1 Hero Point

Gabriel: 5 Hero Points

Master of Energy Archetype: with additional power Insubstantial 1: Fluid, continuous duration, innate, selective, and immunity (underwater suffocation, cold, high pressure). Replacing Flight 10 with Swimming 10 and environmental adaptation: underwater. Swimming +10 Skill.

(Minor changes: its a watery blob!)

Energy Control Array:

Blast 18 (Lightning bolt)

Water Control 18 (Hydroelectical manipulation)

Stun 12 (Stunning Electrical Bolt)

Dazzle 12 (Auditory and Visual Flash and Booming thunder, No Range, Burst effect)

Damage 18 (Electricity, Burst Extra) Electrical Arc.

[important Stats: Tough +18, Fort +8, Reflex +8, Will +10, Attack +12, Defence +12, Sense Motive +13, Intimidate +14]

I'll trust you not to metagame that knowledge ;)

No surprise round here, although flat footedness will apply.

Hydroshock: 1d20+1=3 pfft!

Supercape: 1d20=9

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26 - Gabriel - 5 HP - Unharmed

9 - Supercape - 1 HP - Unharmed

3 - Hydroshock - Unharmed

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First off sorry been away, internet failure!

Next up tough save!

1d20+18=19 Splish Splash!

Stunned and Bruised!

Concentration check (+15 bonus) to keep forcefield up - DC 25


Well, you have ripped him a new one! its down!

Supercape will follow up with a microwave bath:

Autohit, DC 28


Well, thats rolling a "1" successively on two toughness saves!


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Just a flavor note, Supercape: Gabriel wasn't using a sonic shout during the fight. He was firing sonic blasts from his hands, in the style of "generic energy blasts" for the most part.

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*Slaps head*

That will teach me for jumping to the standard archetypal assumption!

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