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Dada Disaster (IC)


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It had been a while since she'd visited the Kirby, even longer since a proper art reception, and proper was a darn good term for it. The dark violet frilled edged spigetti strapped cocktail dress she hadn't touched in three years definitely reinforced this feeling, as did the heels that she was decidedly going to burn once she got home. Still, the food was good, and it was free, and Carter was having a good time talking about his art. When she got the ticket she had to double take about the location, but he had been doing pretty well. He was an upperclassmen and someone she happened to hang out with in college with the crowd of friends. They actually stayed in touch, and she had helped him out on occasion with a job or two by grabbing art supplies and groceries while he put himself in a self-imposed house arrest to get some projects done. It had all worked out though, he was a front runner for the new exhibit for his mock turn of the century art set up. She stood a few feet away drink in hand munching on the little toothpick snacks being passed around while he smiled and talked, occasionally he glanced her way, to which she gave him a smile, but for the moment, her feet were a bit sore from the old scarcely used heels and she decided to make her way to the seating area.

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Lord Lucien Lockwood stepped out the antiquated rolls and strode with confidence and purpose towards the Art exposition.

Nodding politely to those he passed, his long strides quickly took him inside the building. Dressed in a coattails, a heavily embroided waistcoat, and an oversized Cravat, he cut quite the figure. Eccentric, but elegant.

"I say, Sir" he said to the slightly sycophantic organiser of the event. "A magnificent event of art you have collected. My hat is doff'd. "

Without waiting for a reply, he sped off to examine some of the pieces on display. As always, the Lord of Steam was just as interested in people watching...

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While free tables were scarce, Carrie was blessed in catching several people moving from one at once taking there things with them as they went. Snagging two chairs she sat on one and used the other to prop up her feet, though it wasn't visible from the vantage of most the places as it was covered by the long white table cloth. Setting her drink down she set an elbow onto the table and looked around. It was a lively reception, plenty of guests, plenty of food, the art was spectacular, and the air was that of excitement, and Carrie was feeling, absolutely bored out of her mind.

She didn't know when it happened exactly, but these things just weren't exciting anymore. It wasn't like any of her pieces were on display, even if they were, these were all pieces to be set into the permanent collection, so there was no doubt about the quality. All the people here, they were nice, but all the same a bit less approachable than usual because it was mostly people of status, a status she'd never have. She'd had hoped to actually spend time with her friend, but it was clear he was far to busy speaking to potiential clients and buyers than her, and she couldn't blame him, it was his career that matter here. Letting out a sigh, she started to glance to see if she could remember where the buffet table, and it was that glance that caught the look of someone who turned far more heads than her own.

He walked with purpose, but that wasn't what stood out. In the old style waistcoat and long coattail, he actually looked like he might of walked out of one of the paintings. The air around him caught some attention, and from what Carrie could see a bunch of whispering. Was he new? She didn't know about upper circles, but usually someone like that would be spotted by any aquantinces almost immediately and approached, but for some reason there was none, no one really seemed brave enough to approach him.

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Lucien Lockwood strolled around a bit, admiring the art, and the people. Presently, he came to wear Carrie was sitting, or slouching.

"Tsk tsk" he said, with a friendly glint in his eye, and a broad smile. He gave a steely but warm gaze at her feet on the chair.

"Does the Art inspire you to lie in such a recumbent repose?" he asked, and without waiting for a reply, he turned to the nearest piece.

"A smouldering landscape, the soup of the day encapsulated in the formless haze that can only bring to mind the oblivion of Dionysius. Without form, formless..."

He smiled wickedly.

"and rubbish!" he proclaimed, a little to loudly, to a few sharp stares and gasps.

"This modern art of your dimension befuddles me..." he said to Carrie, his hands open in apology.

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Carrie's eyes followed the fellow as he made his way to the table, she kept a the same grim look as he examined her position, and boredom. Than, the short ballad about the art with the follow up for the fact that he didn't care for it was surprising, but the last part certianly caught her attention,

"My dimension?"

Her eyebrows shot up almost immediately. Though she couldn't discount that this might just be a standard crazy instead of a actual traveller, she let her expression relax as she glanced around,

"Well, what is the standard where you're from?"

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Lord Steam stuck out his hand.

"Allow my to introduce myself. Lord Lucien Lockwood, from what you fellows call Earth Victoriana. I am official ambassador from that dimension!"

"Dont ask me about the name, your scientific chaps came up with it. All very interesting of course, ths interdimensional stuff, bit beyond me, but I'll get my head around it one day, I dare say. "

He swung his arm around (in a slightly too wide a swing) to take in the surrounding art. "As for this stuff. I'm sure the artists are all terribly talented, clever, and all that..."

His gaze landed on a more classical piece, a landscape of Freedom City in an impressionistic style.

"Now that's more my style. Classical, with a twist!"

He almost twirled on his toes in a full circle with the word "twist".

Lord Steam peered at the painting briefly, examinng the fine detail. "Done by a Mr. Rene deSaens. Very nice, I'll keep an eye out for his work. "

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"The term is impressionism."

That was all that Carrie could manage. Her fingers tapping at the display. Apparently this person was less than aware of how rare such a thing was as being from another dimension, and how some people might of reacted negatively to it because of previous experience through the full scale dimensional invasions, either that or he didn't care. Either one still made his entire thing gave her quite for a loss of words on the person, though she always had words for art, she was pretty much trained too,

"That's an impressionist painting set as a contrast piece for the rest of it. The modern art and especially the few pieces of Dada which is essentually anti-art is more the center of this specific showing."

She glanced over at the painting,

"I'm more fond of impressionism myself, as well as more classical forms of art which is probably a bit more common in Victoriana as culturally it's considered behind the times in this dimension."

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"Ah I see..." nodded Lord Steam, enthusiastically. He had struck gold. An art expert in this dimension who wasn't a stuck up snob.

Even better, one who could be honest.

Considered behind the times in this dimension she says!

"This Dada art, it sounds rather intriguing. I may not make head or tail of it, what with me being behind the times and all..." he winked, and flapped his coat tails "...but certainly sounds worth scrutinising. Why, the name itself has a certain poetic and metric appeal!"

Never turn down an oppurtunity to learn! he told himself.

"And tell me, fair lady, to whom do I speak to, and from whence comes your formidable breadth and depth of knowledge?"

As interesting as art was, Lord Steam always found people the most interesting thing in the universe.

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She gave her name without thinking, but backed up a few seconds,

"Caroline, Caroline Wendle. I'm a friend of one of the artists and a former art student, and quite frankly, I'm here for the food."

She reached for her glass and took a long drink,

"But, the art is pretty good, and the display and different styles gives it a good bit of variety. The dada, is essentually just a mock of what it is to be art, usually, it has a lot of chaos themes, and seems to be more random than anything else. There is a method to the madness, and there is usually consideration in the color choices and styles. A lot of the art thing is, well found art, or art made of everyday objects is often a piece for dada. You'd be amazed as what they can do with such things, like for example there is an artist who makes portraits out of chewing gum. There's none of that here though, there's a piece made up entirely of high heeled shoes a bit further into the muesem that's pretty interesting though."

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"High heeled shoes?" asked Lord Steam, genuinely astonished. "High heeled shoes?...Art made from High heeled shoes?"

He realised he was verging on gabbling. He shook his head slightly and composed himself.

"Well, it makes a kind of sense I suppose. After all, some shoes are works of art. Especially the high heel'd variety. A woman loves a good pair of shoes, or so I am told. And if there is art made from chewing gum, then I suppose you can have art made from anything" he conceded.

"Well...almost anything. There must be some limits of human decency" he added, giving Carrie a look which said please please confirm that.

"As for the food..." he sniffed. "How is it?"

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"In art, the only limits are those imposed by the artists. But, as long as they aren't breaking any laws there's usually some way to justify any type of piece."

Scratching the back of her head she glanced down at her collection of toothpicks,

"It's decent, but it's mostly just a bunch of mini appetizers. There was a plate going around with some shrimp on it somewhere, but it's probably already empty by now."

If it wasn't, it was probably going to cleared of the remaining contents if she found the person holding it again.

"Anyway, how's things going on Victoriana, you guys had quite the frost a few months ago."

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"In art, the only limits are those imposed by the artists."

Lord Steam nodded sagely. The lady knew her stuff, and thought about it too. Whilst he was by nature rather conservative in custom, he had a keen enough mind and a rebellious enough streak to appreciate the avante garde. Most of the art he had collected on Earth Prime was rather classical, but still...

"That has the ring of truth to it, my good woman. You know, I could do with someone like you to have a look at my own collection, help me expand it and so forth. I need a bit of education about this dimension. "

"Anyway, how's things going on Victoriana, you guys had quite the frost a few months ago."

At this, Luciens eyes widened. "Indeed. Quite the frost. Quite the summer, too. What with the Luddites and the Cannonites, on top of a bitter cold that could freeze your bones together. But tell me, how do you know of those events? I had formed the impression that inter-dimensional news travelled very rarely. "

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"As aware as this world is of the possibility of dimensional travel, it's hardly mainstream enough for most people here to understand a word of what you were saying. You lucked out, because if you had talked to anyone else, I find it doubtful they would think you were anything more than a charming eccentric. Also, what are the Cannonites?"

She knew the Luddites were those idiots Edge bribed away from further wrecking the Brit Machine, but the Cannonites was a new name. Did it have anything to do with Cannonade, that was an interesting thought. Did he do anything like that when they seperated paths on the first visit.

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"You certainly are a most well informed lady" said Lord Steam, quite impressed.

"As for the Cannonites, they are a group of workers, who have organised themselves into a political pressure group, pressing for better conditions and improvements in the factories. Mainly in London, but I understand there influence is spreading. "

Personally he felt rather neutral about the subject. Politics tended to bore him. In principle, it seemed a sensible enough cause.

"Split off from the Luddites, a rather more violent and anarchic group. Bunch of thugs going around smashing every half decent mechanical device. Anyway, Ned Ludd, their erstwhile leader, had a bit of a falling out - and the details escape me - with some chap called Cannonade, who apparently impressed the Luddites enough to lead to a new movement. Odd thing is, this chap Cannonade seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth. Just a mythological figurehead now. Perhaps he never even existed. "

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Carrie sat quietly listening to the answer given by the outworlder. He seemed a bit less than interested in the subject, but the details he gave made her burst out into a short fit,

"Hah, that sly dog."

She chuckled a little more,

"Let me guess, tall figure, in a dark red coak and a silver helmet, haha, he's very real. He's from here, and works nights over at Southside. I wonder if he knows about this."

Sitting back in her chair she turned and let her feet touch the floor once more,

"Can't say I'm surprised about such a movement gaining steam, society would fall apart without the workers so they deserve proper treatment for there task of keeping a steady stream of products ready for consumption to the general public."

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"Let me guess, tall figure, in a dark red coak and a silver helmet, haha, he's very real. He's from here, and works nights over at Southside. I wonder if he knows about this."

Lord Steam was truly shocked. And he didn't often have cause to admit that.

"He's from this dimension?" he exclaimed. "But... how?" he paused, scratching his head.

"Hmmm. I suspect that Ms. Wells may have something to do with that - she opened the gateway between our dimensions. Damned clever woman, she is". He chuckled as he continued "Chaps at the Royal Society for Metaphysical Engineering tearing their hair out. Smartest of the engineers, and a woman. They are all running scared she will be the next president, given her formidable talents".

"Can't say I'm surprised about such a movement gaining steam, society would fall apart without the workers so they deserve proper treatment for there task of keeping a steady stream of products ready for consumption to the general public."

He nodded in agreement. "I'm all for gaining steam" he answered with a wry smile on his lips. "Although I can't say I have a firm grasp on the politics or economics. Not my field really. "

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As the two of them chat, the lights began to dim. As it grew dark, in the background, Wagner's The Flying Dutchman, started to play softly as some previously unnoticed lights started to move around in synch with the music before falling on a steelie silver life sized sculpture of a young woman in high heels and military fatigues leaning bravely with a rocket launcher in and on an upcropped rock. The neutral face of the woman turned into a bright smile as she stood up tall and proud on the rock moving upward with the music as it rose. This got a rise out of the crowd who began clapping her hands,

"Good Evening,"

Madam Marvelous smiled widely at the attention, as she raised the weapon at her side and shot it upward. The glass spire of the Kirby while heavily reinforced due to past incidents, the roof itself was still made of the standard materials she blast a hole clear through it leaving a flurry of fire and debree and more than a little screaming. From that entrance when the smoke cleared revealed a helicopter which was just low enough for a ladder to extend and drop down several armed men,

"And welcome, to the Show."

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"Stay back, ma'am!" said Lord Steam, leaping in front of Carrie with his hands in a protective gesture. Some glass and debris scattered of the floor, and through the air, but not enough to cause serious injury to either of them.

"Danger is afoot!"

Lord Steam examined the lady, and the weapon. There was something magnificent about her, for sure - he couldn't quite place it, but the way she spoke and move was pure aristocratic confidence. He could only presume she was someone deranged in the cranium, however. Firing a rocket launcher in an art museum?

He whispered to Carrie. "Errr... who is she? one of your Freedom City heroes? she seems frightfully insane, by the way. "

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Carrie ducked under the table as the debree came down, though she peeked out to see the spectactle that was probably the biggest fashion disaster since Lady Gaga. When Lockwood inquired about the womans idenity, she pretty muched snapped out of it,

"Really? I thought the title hero might tip you off to someone wouldn't launch a dangerous firearm indoors or blatantly destroy public property."

Okay, the second part is more up for debate.

Carrie pulled herself up from under the table and kicked off the god forsaken heels as the men started to surround the room, all armed,

"You're right about the insane part that's for sure,"

Looking around the room she was a bit surprised to see that no one seemed to be doing much in the way of moving as they were all too stunned by the sight. She tapped Lockwood on the shoulder,

"You got a phone, this seems like a job for the Freedom League to be honest,"

Or the other half dozen heroes who's numbers I've memorized. Why did I have to bring the tiny beaded purse I can't fit my freaking costume in?

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"You got a phone, this seems like a job for the Freedom League to be honest,"

"Phone?" answered Lord Steam. "Errr... no I don't have one with me. They need to be plugged in you know, like a telegram..."

He furrowed his brow. "Oh yes, I see, those little portable ones you people have. Yes, very nice, very handy. credit to your dimension..."

"...I must get one one day" he added, rather apologetically.

He looked around for a way out. He didn't fancy taking out a rocket launching maniac in a straight fight. Time and space was what he needed. Plus, he had a young lady to protect, and it wouldn't do to have her caught up in this. Perhaps if they made a dash for it... he could certainly take care of one of the lunatics stiffs if need be.

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Well that was useless.

Taking a quick glance around, Carrie started counting off. Including Miss Hammy, there should of been about thirteen baddies, but two seemed to be missing.

That can't be good.

She glanced at the girl in part, she seemed to pretty much everyone looking at her and she seemed to be loving. How much further from loving it would actually hurting people get. This wasn't a good situation, but it wasn't something she handle where she was, though it was a timely tactic, it seemed like divide and conquer was her best bet.

Slipping under the table she quietly crawled to the otherside and ducked into the crowd gaining no notice by anyone present as they were still stuck in a daze. She waited a few seconds as the thugs made a round before sprinting a distance and finding a good cover spot behind one of the larger sculptures.

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What was that Lady up to? wondered Steam. Very odd...

Still, this was a funny dimension. Looked like the young woman was attempting something heroic. How peculiar.

Best give her every chance to come up with her skin intact he concluded. With a flick of his coat tails, he addressed a pair of goons whom Carrie was circling around.

"I say there, chaps!" he said with a winning smile. "Jolly good show all those guns and fancy stuff. Bravo, spiffing!"

As he spoke, he started sidling up to them in the most passive, least threatening way he could manage: hands open, slightly bent, and eye contact through out.

"No need to worry about me chaps, I'm just here for the art. Happy to help you sort out the good and the bad - I know my stuff and I can assure you I will be of every possible assistance..."

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The thugs looked at the strangely clad person and held up there guns. They were instructed attack on sight for any deviants so they shot but missed by a mile. The gun shots did however do to gain the crowds attention, and this result made Madam Marvelous less than pleased.


The woman loading up another round into the rocket launcher and shooting out another wall,

"Don't forget who the star is, get back in with the other or the next one is going into the crowd!"

Carrie was less than impressed with the woman's brash display,

Seems like someone likes the spotlight a little too much.

Though it seemed an adequite distraction as even her thugs seemed more wary of there employer, which fit Carrie just fine and she snuck foward and shot the first a quick jab to the pit of the stomach, she moved to the second and repeated the action as she did so with the third, all before skulking off back into the cover of the displays as the woman ahead relished in the return of attention.

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Lord Steam couldn't resist himself. That woman could make a statue turn and stare. His head swivelled, followed by his body, as he responded to the Madam's plea for attention.

"Yes, very impressive!" he commented. He actually started clapping his hands.

"When it come's to big rocket launchers, madam" he commented. "You really have no equal!"

He heard the thud of three bodies hitting the floor like fallen trees behind him. Eh? he thought, without dragging his eyes of the madam. What's struck them?

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"Why thank you,"

She gave a gleaming smile to the man properly acknowledging her excellance as she reached out and one of the thugs handed her a microphone,

"Alright, everyone break out the cash and jewellery, and this will also run smoothly, also, CUE MUSIC!"

The previously ignored lack of music was cured immediately with a new pounding beat, Madam Marvelous moved too with attority as she directed her thugs to line up the, the lights even began to flash to match it.

Carrie watched the happenings as the woman seemed to turn a heist into more a one woman show, she even noted the light effects,

Wonder who she hired to do the tech.

Letting out a sigh, she glanced around at the guys and rolled her eyes, she couldn't really get so close to the crowd without cover and not being noticed so she hid behind the statue and flattened her form. She didn't make a sound as she creep quietly towards the crowd and gave a shoulder hit to the nearest thug, he crumpled enough for the other three to notice and look around confused. She used the opportunity to get a hit into the next guards side, but it wasn't a knock out and the people were getting more curious as to what was happening so she used this moment to retreat and regain her form behind a larger piece.

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