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[Shared HQ] The Lab

Dr Archeville

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See also: The Lab

Contributors: Dragonfly, Ironclad, Miss Americana, Protectron, Supercape

Former Contributor: Gossamer

See also: The Lab

Size: Huge (Skyscraper)

Toughness: 15 (Steel alloys, advanced architectural design)


* Combat Simulator

* Communications

* Computer

* Defense Systems ('''Snare 10''')

* Fire Prevention System

* Garage

* Hangar

* Holding Cells 1 (Nullify 10)

* Infirmary

* Laboratory

* Library

* Living Quarters

* Personnel

* Power: ESP 4 (1 mile, All senses; PFs: Dimensional 2 [All non-mystic])

* Power: Obscure 6 (ESP and Radio; Extra: Selective)

* Power System

* Security System [DC 30]

* Workshop

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  • 3 years later...

Electra and I had a short discussion here - as most of the founders (and other involved players) have retired the relevant characters, this HQ is retired.

It remains an active part of the setting, with Dragonfly and Miss Americana still involved in running it, but provides no HQ functions outside of whatever a GM may or may not choose to provide (as per any other setting or plot piece).

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