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Building a better action suit

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While looking over Gossamer's sheet last night as I prepared her character edit for the month, I realized a few things:

1.) Gossamer has one rank of Quick Change feat to allow her to switch into her 'battlesuit' from any outfit.

2.) It would be cool if she got an upgrade that allowed her to switch into any outfit.

3.) As currently written up on her sheet, Quick Change is a personal feat, which really doesn't make sense for her character, especially since I've played it as a property of the suit's tech.

Here's the suit as it stands now:

Device 5 (Bodysuit, 25 points, hard to lose) [20pp]

Communication 4 (1 mile, radio)

Datalink 4 (1 mile, radio)

Immunity 1 (cold)

Protection 8 (Extra: Impervious 8)

I'd like to shift the feat to a property of the suit, since Goss can't do a QC without it, and it would be even cooler if she could come up with new outfits, perhaps based on a set of templates stored in the device; this way it would play more like the morphic molecule suits worn by the Atom Family. I might even want to add a chameleon mode (i.e Blending), thought that could wait. Any advice on the best way to do this? She has up to 6pp to spend (though I was to save some of them for skills) plus the 1pp from the original feat.

Pending this discussion, I'm taking down my current edits and saving them, since I may well want to do something different.

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Having Quick Change inside a Device is totally kosher. That's how Ironclad does her suit, after all.

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