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Ambassador Steam (OOC, Solo)


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HH Attack

url=http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2983489/]1d20+6=26 Critical!

DC 22 Tough Save

1d20+7=13 Bruised and Injured.

Shaking off the Stun this round, for HH to attack again

url=http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2983493/]1d20+6=20 A regular hit

DC 17 Toughness save with 1 Injured

1d20+7=16 Moves to Injured x2

And his retaliation

1d20+5=25 for a fast feint vs 1d20+10=18 Meants the Hatchet is Flat Footed

+2 dam / -2 Attack from Lord Steam

1d20+7=19 A comfortable hit, DC 22 Toughness

1d20+3=6 Staggered, Bruised, Stunned.

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Next Round follow up from LS (HH shaking off stun)


DC 20 Toughness save (Bruised x1)


ENd of round

LS Injured x2

HH Bruised x2, Staggered

Next round

HH Attack 1d20+6=22

LS Toughness 1d20+7=24 resisted, even with 2 Injuries

LS Attack 1d20+9=10 Miss

Next Round

HH Attack 1d20+6=15 Miss

LS Attack 1d20+9=19 Hit

HH TToughness vs DC 20 1d20+1=6 Staggered again, meaning Knocked out!

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