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An Offer You Can't Refuse (IC)


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April 10th, 4:25pm


Paranoia wasn't new, in fact it was expected wholehardedly for his occupation. Looking over ones shoulder, keeping a few extra rounds in your pocket, making extra sure that no one had entered the office before you had, double checking the locks when you left. It was the little things really, subtle, that one in such an occupation was expected to keep up with. He was finishing up the end of the week inventory, making sure all the finances were secured and that everyone got their cut. Stacking up the funds he picked up the brief case and headed towards the door. It was there he saw an envelope had been pressed between hidge of the door. He looked around for a few seconds, checked behind the door than the envelope itself. It was a thin plain envelope and from the light seemed entirely empty. Reaching over he slid it out of the part inbetween the door and heard a slight click as it seemed the handle could fully close without it touching the envelope. He had about three seconds to think about the placement before the entire doorframe exploded.


Carrie sat at the poker table and folded her fifth her so hand in a row. Really she hadn't been getting much in the ways of good betting hands, thankfully her pile was decently sized that she could afford to pay the blinds whenever they got around and only really act when she was certian she could get at least a decent portion of the pot. Her dad had already been knocked out because he went all in on an Ace King but got shut down by a full house on the river, so he was playing craps some twenty yards away. Leaning back into her chair, she waited as she got the button and the dealer passed around the cards. Picking up her cards she kept a steelie gaze as she saw she had bullets, and bet into the pot as it went around the table. It was almost definitely a sure thing, and if she played it right she could weed a good few players to go all in. Just as the dealer started to put down the flop there was a large boom from what seemed to be the the side of the casino and than the whole place started filling with smoke.

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Cannonade took the rooftops of the Boardwalk casinos in stride. It wasn't often that he started his patrols in this part of town, but Mark and the rest of the guys had wanted to catch a show down at the Riverrun. He'd checked into a local gym, stuffed his costume in one of the lockers, and gone to the show. Once it had let out, he split off from the rest of the group, claiming he needed to go "work the night shift."

"Man, you gotta set me up with something at this place!" Mark had said. "Seems like they keep you on all hours!"

"Hey, it's good pay if you can cut it," he'd said, "but the boss is a bit uptight about who he picks."

Joe realized the story was tight -- he'd made up a warehouse in Lincoln that had a steady night shift, his boss's name, even a few coworkers. It'd hold... as long as no one did any digging. Lying was becoming commonplace, and it was starting to take a toll. I mean, there's only so long I can string along my boss, he thought, and the guys might trust me, but if they find out I've been lying, things might go downhill fast. At least I don't have to keep it safe from --

His train of thought came to a screeching halt when he heard the explosion in the general direction of the Southside Palace. "Explosives and a crowded casino," he muttered as he ran to the scene. "There's no way this is gonna end well."

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