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Nightmare on West End (OOC)

Lone Star

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Nice! 1d20+6=13

So our Revenant buddy failed by 11. So he's Staggered and Stunned. He loses his turn, and it's Warlock's turn to rock. :rock:

He'll use his Telekinesis ring to inflict a straight Toughness save. It'll be a rank 9 effect.


That hits, due to his being Stunned. Now for his Toughness save.


So from the DC the TK ring would inflict (DC 24), he's Bruised, Stunned again, and Staggered. :P Please take him down.

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So we'll be using AA's Necromancer for...our necromancer. And the Ghost for the ghost.

Necromancer's intiative: 1d20+7=21

Ghost's initiative: 1d20+3=1

And their six skeletal warriors, which will simply be generic Skeletons from the corebook.

Skeleton's initiatives: 6d20+5= 11, 20, 12, 16, 17, 25

And Warlock's initiative.

Warlock's initiative: 1d20+3=4

Once everyone else has their initiative up, I'll get the order so we can get this battle a-rollin'.

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Alright! So the initiative order.

Nick: 26. 3 HP, Unharmed

Skeleton 1: 25. Unharmed

Necromancer: 21. Unharmed

Skeleton 2: 20. Unharmed

Skeleton 3: 17. Unharmed

Skeleton 4: 16. Unharmed

Skeleton 5: 12. Unharmed

Cobalt Templar: 11. Unharmed, 2 HP

Skeleton 6: 11. Unharmed

Warlock: 4. Unharmed, 3 HP

Ghost: 4. Unharmed

Nick is up first.

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I'll do the skeletons first.


Only one escapes! Time for necro-dude.


I'll give everyone a HP, and have him reroll.


Nick: 26. 4 HP, Unharmed

Skeleton 1: 25. Bound

Necromancer: 21. Unharmed

Skeleton 2: 20. Bound

Skeleton 3: 17. Bound

Skeleton 4: 16. Bound

Skeleton 5: 12. Bound

Cobalt Templar: 11. 3 HP, Unharmed

Skeleton 6: 11. Unharmed

Warlock: 4. 4 HP, Unharmed

Ghost: 4. Unharmed

So our necromancer is up, and he'll attack Nick in retaliation. He'll use his Mystic Force Blast.

1d20+10=30 :shock: Oh my. Well, that's a 30 to hit, and a DC 30 Toughness for Nick.

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