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What the Doctor Ordered (OOC)


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Alright, so, we talked about this in chat, but the gist of it is this:

Jill's Creat Object have the Movable extra, which is basically Move Object limited to the things she creates. That also means she can use the rules for using Move Object to throw those force field bubbles around, so in this case through the hospital wall.

She can't really miss the, y'know, room they're in, so forgoing the attack roll. Instead, lets get things smashing! The first bubble hits the wall for a DC 27 Toughness save. Taking 10 with a +5 Toughness, the wall gives way easily. The bubble, with +12 Toughness, is Injured but still intact. The remaining two bubbles follow the first one out through the hole in the wall.

Once they're outside, Jill sends them as far upward as she can. How far that is depends on the weight of the villains, but it's pretty darn far, and presumably high enough to make breaking about and falling a poor plan.

All of which is only a Standard Action, so she'll also make an auto-DC 25 Taunt against Bear Knuckle as a Move Action via Skill Mastery!

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Melee Attack vs Jill O'Cure (1d20+10=26) Oooo, just misses.

All-Out Attack, Power Attack vs Bear-Knuckle (1d20+9=12) Ew. Well, haven't spent any HP yet, so I might as well start with a reroll! All-Out Attack, Power Attack vs Bear-Knuckle (1d20+9=22) At least that hits.

Bear-Knuckle Toughness vs DC 29 (1d20+14=16) O.O Fugtta about complicated plans, I guess! Staggered + Stunned

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So Ironclad floats down to the ground, stunts a version of Stun off her weapon array, and attacks B-K. Stun 9 (Electricity; Feat: Improved Range) [19PP]

Full All-Out Attack, full Power Attack vs. Bear-Knuckle using Stun (1d20+14=16) :( Not gonna spend a third HP in a round to reroll that, though, even if it leaves Clad with a 14 Defense. Jill's up.

Rage is at 3 rounds, 7 left.

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