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Help a friend suffering the tyranny of ideas?


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Hi Everyone! I'm looking forward to joining you all in Freedom City, but at the moment I'm a bit stuck.

I'm ADHD, in addition to it's famous distractability, it can give people a very active imagination. I have a short list now of 3 variations of 3 concepts, and yes, that's after trying to reduce and simplify things. (I think I had 2 dozen or so at one point, which was a lot for even me so I got the hatchet out and started cutting) I was hoping for feedback on potential playability issues, or if any idea seems like something you'd like to have your characters participate in. Thank you for any help you can give. ^_^

(Odd, seeing the concepts together like this, I was able to eliminate three.)

The concepts are as follows:

1) "Magic"

1a) Kore, Daughter of Persephone (and Hades)

Theme: Compare and contrast between the differences of Classic Greek and Modern Super Heroes. Slight homage to Thor and Hercules.

Origin: When Kore was a babe, before she had any other food, even Persephone's milk, she was made to suckle on a bitter root that grows in Hades. Because of that incompetence (was it incompetence) she is now the living embodiment of what's called the "Garden of Persephone" and Hades power to bind living soles to the Underworld.

Concept based on: AA's Gazer-Beam build.

Noticeable Differences: Dropped Equipment and Blaster related feats, Added Alt Powers of Summon (Animated Statues) , Create Object and Earth Control to Petrification. Petrifaction is Alt. Save (Will) as it's a magic curse. If people don't want to look at Kore's eyes, drop a large stone on them or summon some stony soles from your mother's garden to bash them about.

Motive: Heroic Oblige, that the Fates made the talented for the Demes. Also to find her own hero - she's tired of waiting.

Complications: Fear of Mirrors, Legacy (Parents, including grandmother and great-uncles are Olympian Gods), Reputation (Dangerous to be around - unless, you _like_ being a statue), Stigma (Nymphs don't go on Heroic quests), Nuisance (Fates), Uncontrollable Power (Petrification, with out Stygan-glass glasses)

1c) Alicia Liddle, a.k.a. Alice-in-Wonderland, Alice-Through-the-Looking-Glass

Theme: Magical Gageteer - Having Amazing Adventures; Fun with Public Domain Characters

Origin: Alice has been a mantel passed down from person to person for more than 100 years, a magical shelter for the eccentric from the banal world of the prosaic. This Alice is different in that most of her adventures take place in the "Real World"

Concept Based on: Ecalsneerg's Gageteer build.

Notable Differences: Change the Device descriptors to represent Alice's spoils. Vorpal Sword, Size-changing mints and mushrooms, Flamingo clubs, a Deck of Playing Cards, A Mirror (or some reflective surface) to walk through, Alice would qualify as a 'dumb gageteer'.

Motive: Two motives - To be a girl (Alice is just a vehicle for that) and altruism. Alice's live is by definition, an adventure. May as well help others in the process.

Complications: Trangendered, Obsession (Politeness), Legal Minor, Enemy (Bandersnatch/Jaberwalkey, Queen of Hearts, the Black Queen), Annoyance (Cheshire Cat)

2) Legacies or Freedom City Specific Characters

2a) Hindsight

Theme: Batman like deceive with psychic gifts, Magic w/o a lot of flash & bang.

Origin: Born with the power of Post-cognition and the ability to know any fact or skill anyone dead via the Akashic Nodes of humanity. Was the child of a Mob family. After the patriarch was captured, and the rest of the Family scattered to the four winds. On seeing her ability demonstrated (she object read his cowl and learned of David's identity) David Solane offered the courts to be the custodial guardian of Hindsight.

Concept Based on; AA's Polymath hero.

Noticeable Changes: Free up pp to increase Comprehend and buy Comprehend Objects. Buy a Bike as equipment?

Motive: To give a voice to the silent. To bring in the guilty, like her family.

Complications: Prohibition - Places of Great Memory (resulting in being overwhelmed), Legal Minor, Duty (School), Obsession (Solving Cases), Reputation (daughter of a mob boss)

2c) Rebound

Theme: the super-speedster deconstructed - a Speedster with all powers but speed.

Origin: Largely as per AA's Slowest Speedster, It's a good background, no need to change it.

Concept based on: AA's Slowest Speedster build, if you haven't already guessed.

Noticeable Changes: Rebuild as a friction controller, with Bouncing as a secondary Array. Add super-senses appropriate to a speedster.

Motive: Redemption, find out who saved her life and give them a life boon.

Complications: Duty (St. George's Cathedral, Archbishop Charles Fairwell) Obligation (the Ten Commandments) Enemy (Former Gang - South-side C's), Obsession (finding the hero that saved her), No High School Diploma, Stygma (Former Gangster), Poverty

3) Horror

3a) The Inverted Girl

Theme: a girl from a parallel universe; the Uncanny Valley made manifest. Modern-Era Horror.

Origin: Daughter of a brilliant Scientist in the Contraverse, the despotic administration made the scientist have his daughter go through the adaptation process to prove the machine isn't jury-rigged to malfunction. Due to quantum uncertainty and other non-intuitive effects, Negator arrived first to Earth-Prime despite being sent last. Sadly, the adaptation process is one way at the moment - with the goal being conquest, the despotic government saw reversion as an unnecessary expense.

Concept based on: Countraverse Hero

Notable Differences: Focus on being a ghost-like and being made of adapted anti-matter. Drop Defense and Str, loose some fighting feats. Spend extra pp on upping Alt. Form, so that Intangible can be increased, add an AP of Density (buffer neutrons) and Strike with an APs of Drain Impervious and Corrosion to describe controlled anti-mater touches.

Motive: To find her place in life, to help out, to show she's not scary.

Complications: Uncanny Valley, Alien Appearance, Reputation (dangerous to be around - made of anti-mater), Enemy (Hiroshima Shadow, who would love to get a piece of her), Accident (Weight, while dense), Legal Minor, Dimensional Alien (different history, customs)

3c) Cricket

Theme: Leaping Paragon ala Golden-Age Superman, Beauty is on the inside.

Origin: Terminus mutation - You were collecting bugs on a science field trip when a Terminus-irradiated locust bit you. You graphically transformed, making even the evening news. Now you have 4 arms, a insect like carpus covering your body, backwards bending knees. You bench press train cars when your mad and can leap over buildings now with no problem. But everybody who sees you either goes "Ahh! Bug-Monser!" at you or "Ahhhhh! Terminus Monster!!" at you. You live on the streets now; your parents treat you like you died, and the new you is a Terminus-powered parasite living in your body. At least your mother is on speaking terms with you, even if you aren't her daughter in her eyes.

Concept based on: Ecalsneerg's Paragon build

Noticable Changes: Leaping instead of Flight, Additional Hands 2.

Complications: Reputation/Stygma (Terminus Baby), Alien Appearance, Poverty, Enemy (Press), Legal Minor, No High School Diploma or GED, Short, Bug Appetite

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1a.) Hades is a villain in FC's cosmology, a fairly major one. Why would the child of a villain (don't know Persephone's place) want to be a hero?

1c.) You said you're new to the system. Gadget is a Variable Power, and VPs are extremely complex. I would argue against this.

2a.) See above. Polymath is a VP, VPs are complex.

2c.) No obvious problems present themselves, but who the heck is Archbishop Fairwell?

3a.) Made of anti-matter? Anti-matter react catastrophically with real matter; if that's the case, she would literally blow up and destroy anything around her.

3c.) Seems... very dark for the boards. Almost more of a horror concept than a hero.

One last thing: Why is "Stigma" spelled with a 'y' at several points?

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Many good ideas here!

1) "Magic"

1a) Kore, Daughter of Persephone (and Hades)

An interesting concept! Pretty dark, but plenty of people have scary stuff in their background. One thing for you to think about why is she a hero? Additionally, why is she not a villain? After all, the daughter of Hades could easily have a perfectly fine place at his side, working with him to pull all the world into Tartarus so that he might reign supreme!

1c) Alicia Liddle, a.k.a. Alice-in-Wonderland, Alice-Through-the-Looking-Glass

Theme: Magical Gageteer - Having Amazing Adventures; Fun with Public Domain Characters

An interesting idea, I'd have to see more to really comment. I endorse heroes based off 19th century books, though!

2) Legacies or Freedom City Specific Characters

2a) Hindsight

Theme: Batman like deceive with psychic gifts, Magic w/o a lot of flash & bang.

You might get some teasing for this one: there's already a psychic Batman in-setting called Foreshadow, and he's a pretercognitive. There's nothing wrong with being in the same niche, particularly since he's just an NPC, but keep that in mind.

2c) Rebound

Theme: the super-speedster deconstructed - a Speedster with all powers but speed.

I like it! A good solid background: speedsters are one archetype we're relatively light on.

3) Horror

3a) The Inverted Girl

Scary, but interesting. The alien-invader-turned-hero archetype is as old as comics. As old as the Silver Age, anyway! And we do so little with the Counterverse.

3c) Cricket

Theme: Leaping Paragon ala Golden-Age Superman, Beauty is on the inside.

Cricket monster, oh no! I always knew this day would come! :o

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Thanks for you response AA! I've build (or at least initially built) 2 of my concepts for you to look over. So, here's Rebound and the Inverted Girl. I'll touch on Cricket and Alice tomorrow. But for now I need to sleep.

The Inverted Girl

“People are strange, when you’re a stranger...†_The Doors_

PL: 10 (150)

Abilities: 36 pp

STR 16 (+3)

DEX 18 (+4)

CON 20 (+5)

INT 14 (+2)

WIS 16 (+3)

CHA 16 (+3)

Combat: 32 pp

ATK: +8 (+11 Melee/+15 Unarmed)

DEF: +8 (+4 flat-footed)

Grapple: +16

Init: +7

Saves: 9 pp

TOU +5 (+5 Con)

FORT +7 (+5 Con, +2)

REF +7 (+4 Dex, +3)

WILL +7 (+3 Wis, +4)

Skills: 48 r=12 pp

Bluff 4 (+6)

Intimidate 8 (+10)

Investigate 4 (+5)

Notice 12 (+14)

Sense Motive 12 (+14)

Stealth 8 (+10)

Feats: 20 pp

All-Out Attack,

Attack Focus: Melee (3)

Attack Specialization: Unarmed (2)

Dodge Focus (7),

Evasion 2,

Move-By Action,

Power Attack,


Takedown Attack,

Uncanny Dodge (auditory)

Powers: 51 pp

Alternate Form 10 (Dimensional) (Extra: Duration (Permanent) [+0]) (PF: Innate)

Affects Corporeal on Unarmed [3 pp]

Flight 1 (10 MPH) [2 pp]

Immunity 10 (Life Support) [9 pp]

Insubstantial 3 (Dimensional) [15 pp] (Flaw: Permanent -1, Extra: Tangability (Sustained Duration) +1)

Drain Impervious 15 (PFs: slow fade)

*AP: Corrsion 5, (PFs: Mighty)

Super-Senses 8 (Hearing and Vision Penetrate Concealment) [8 pp]

Rebound PL: 10 (150)

"Yeah, he's tweaked." -Brian, Family Guy

Abilities: 64 pp

STR 24 (+7)

DEX 24 (+7)

CON 24 (+7)

INT 08 (+0)

WIS 14 (+2)

CHA 12 (+0)

Combat: 24 pp

ATK: +4 (+10 Melee)

DEF: +8 (+3 flat-footed)

Init: +14

Grapple: +20

Saves: 4 pp

TOU +8 (+8 Con)

FORT +8 (+8 Con)

REF +8 (+8 Dex)

WILL +6 (+2 Wis, +4)

Skills: 48r=12 pp

Acrobatics 10 (+17)

Drive 5 (+12)

Knowledge: Pop Culture 6 (+5)

Notice 6 (+8)

Sense Motive 6 (+8)

Sleight Of Hand 5 (+12)

Stealth 10 (+17)

Feats: 16 pp

Acrobatic Bluff

Attack Specalization (Unarmed) (3)


Dodge Focus 2,

Fleet-of-Foot 1 (Speed as a feet)

Luck 2,

Power Attack,

Seize Initiative,

Takedown Attack 2

Uncanny Dodge (auditory)


Zoom Array I

Bouncing 7 (14+4=18 pp) 'very creative freerunnig' (Power Feats: Move-by Action, Moving Feint, Pinball 1, Ricochet)

AP: Climbing Kick 6 (Mighty, Up in the Air) 'super-knockback attack'

Super-Movement 2 (Wall-Climbing) [4+1=5 pp] 'friction cling'

AP: Air Walking, Water Walking 'friction traction'

Super-Senses 1 ( Vision [Radius, Rapid]) [3 pp] 'speedster senses'

Zoom Array 7 II[21+6=28 pp]

Friction Control (Increace) 'inherant speedster power, reversed; gained via training'

AP: Friction Control (Decreace) 'inherant speedster power'

AP: Perception Range Damage (Extra: Concentration duration, Flaw: Limited to moving targets) 'friction burn'

AP: Perception Range Visual Dazzle (Concentration duration, Flaws: Limited to targets that have eyelids and a need to blink) 'eye lid seal'

AP: Add Extra: Autofire (2) [Reduced Interval] on Unarmed 'leftover speedster quickness'

AP: Add Extra: Targeted Area [burst] and Selective on Unarmed 'leftover speedster quickness'

AP: Add Extra: Penitrating on Unarmed 'near frictionless knife-hand strikes'

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