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Now You're Moving With Wormholes [OOC]


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Mona's apartment in Waterfront & Dok's home in Hanover are about 4 miles apart. Enough that Teleport 5 can reach it as an extended teleport.

Dok can use his Electromagnetic Screwdriver (Gadgets 3, so 15pp to play with) to add Affects Others (Others + Self) and Area (Burst) to 5 ranks of his Belt's Teleport, to create a 25-ft. radius spherical portal. That alone may be big enough to cover the entire loft. He'll need the Selective power feat so he doesn't accidentally bring anyone in the apartments above or below them, though he can choose what inanimate objects do and do not come without requiring the Selective pf.

Weight's an issue, though. Standard teleport only gets 100 lbs. of stuff, and there's nothing indicating the Area extra circumvents that restriction. (Same goes for the Portal extra, though I think we tend to run Portals as not having any weight limit.) Progression 5 would up the limit to 5,000 lbs., enough to get about half her stuff. (I calculated the mass of her stuff using this, basing it on the stuff I have in my place, then multiplying by 1.5 to account for her increased size.) He could add the Long Range flaw to free up that 1pp needed for a sixth rank in Progression (and to add any more Progression for size on the Area itself).

Final build

Gadgets 3

Teleport 0 (Extras: Affects Others [Others + Self] 5, Area [25-ft. radius Burst, General] 5; Flaw: Long-Range 5; PFs: Progression [Weight] 6 [10,000 lbs.], Selective Attack) [12/15 DP]

3pp left for moar Progression (Area) or Progression (Weight) if needed

Of course, they may not actually wind up at Dok's....

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That's really clever. Never would have thought about a moving calculator. I'll have to save that (could come in handy!).

I don't consider myself a complete slouch at MnM mechanics, but how does that Teleport 0 work? The math works, yes, but the Teleport 0?

If you want a medieval adventure, that sounds like a grand plan. I'm still thinking of that other fantasy thread from a few months back. Mona ended up in a Sinbad/Arabian Nights-themed costume. Was a bit...surprised.

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It's adding extras/flaws/pfs to the Teleport he already has on his Gravimetric Belt

Teleport 7 (700ft per Move Action, 200 miles per Full Action; PFs: Change Direction, Change Velocity)

Not adding any ranks to the power, just extras & so on. So you can write it as Power 0 (Extra: whatever extras you're adding to the base power)

As for the adventure, I've outsourced someone to handle that ;)

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Welcome back to War-Earth, Fulcrum! (Though this would be her first visit, considering Wormholes took place a while before Unstuck...)

Ok, after discussing with Dok vis-a-vis equipment/devices and the use thereof...

Armored Labcoat's working just fine, of course. Gravimetric Belt's Flight is fine, Teleport's fried. Belt's Defense Systems should be mostly alright, I'll leave those up to Dok. Screwdriver's fried (for now). Equipment's kaput (Dok and I agree he wouldn't have brought it), and his big ol' brain is, of course, perfectly alright. Though he does get the odd headache from the sheer amount of MAGIC in the air.

As for Dok's HQs, those manning them just got a big-time red alert; Da Boss is off the grid.

Right, I think that covers everything. Enjoy!

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Yeah, those two'll do. Which means I don't have to spoiler the reveal, yay!

Anyway, both of you hear what sounds like rapid movement, coming from east of your position. It's muffled due to the snow, but you can hear the sound of breaking branches, shifting bushes, etc. Something or some things are coming your way, and awfully fast.

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Dok's switching on his Cloaking Field

Concealment 10 (All Senses; PFs: Close Range, Hide in Plain Sight; Flaws: Blending) [12PP] + Enhanced Skills 20 (Stealth 20 [+21]) [5PP] + Force Field 11 (PFs: Selective, Subtle) [13PP] [12+5+13=30/36PP]

    With Labcoat, total Toughness is +15 [imp 4] and Defense is +8 (+4 flat-footed)

Flying up ~40 feet, hopefully getting a good view of the clearing

and switching his Tentacle-Brain to Enhanced Wisdom
    Will +16; Notice +18, Sense Motive +18

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Notice check succeeds, Sense Motive check, strangely, fails! I wonder why that is... ;)

For the sake of full disclosure, I'm also using the Iron Golem build from Book of Magic, page 88, with Immunity to Interaction Effects added. These guys are big, black, grim, merciless, and once given a task will focus on it until it is either completed or impossible to proceed. Scary! Wolves are just mounts for now, but if you guys get into a fight and it goes too easily, I might decide to break out some furry fury. Carry on!

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I wasn't using Sense motive on them individually, I was using it on the scene.

Evaluate: You can use this skill to make an assessment of a social situation. With a successful check (DC 20), you can get a feeling when something is wrong.

Basically trying to make sure that these truly are Bad Guys after Innocent Refugees (and not, say, the King's Hunters going after Greedy Poachers).

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Move Action: Move from 40 feet above the Hunters to 30 feet to their left

Free Action: Drop most of cloak; only has Visual Concealment up

Free Action: Raise force field (Toughness is +15 [imp 4] and Defense is +8 (+4 flat-footed))

Move Action: Switch brain to

    Alternate Power: Enhanced Feats 16 (Attack Focus [Melee] 2, Attack Specialization [unarmed] 5, Improved Critical 2 [unarmed], Improved Disarm, Power Attack, Sneak Attack 3, Takedown Attack 2) (Anatomisches Wissen/Anatomical Knowledge) [16/16PP]
    Melee Attack +10, Unarmed Attack +20, Unarmed Damage +0, +5 w/ Sneak Attack. The Unarmed Attack Specialization does not apply to any weapons he pulls from his Utility Coat, not even brass or power knuckles, though the Melee Attack Focus does.

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Dok, can you give me a bit of a spiel on his Anatomical Knowledge? These things are basically nasty spirits inhabiting moving suits of armor, so I'm a bit fuzzy if it'd, technically speaking, "work" on them. I'm perfectly willing to hand-wave it if neccessary. And what's the Notice check on that Concealment?

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"Anatomical Knowledge" is probably not the best name for the AP. Basically, he's using his GIGANTIC BRAIN + years of experience (he's been active as a hero for over a decade) to figure out just where to strike. And he has fought robots, so there would be some applicable knowledge; whether powered by electronics or spirits, a humanoid metal shell is a humanoid metal shell, with certain structural strengths and weaknesses inherent in being a humanoid metal shell.

One thing that may come into play, though: extra damage from Sneak Attack is not applied to targets with Immunity (critical hits). However, Immunity (Fort effects) != Immunity (crits).

Notice checks

For audible and visual (no concealment), it's a regular Notice check (-1 penalty per 10 feet, unless they have extended on their senses). Since Dok's 30 feet from them, they have a -3 check on their scent- or listen-based Notice checks to spot him. However, he was yelling at them to get their attention, so the DC's like -5 or -10 to begin with, so unless they have a -2 or worse on their Notice checks, they'll hear him. However, unless they have accurate on their olfactory or auditory senses, they can't target him.

Visual is a different matter. He's still got total concealment there, and the Close Range power feat. So to spot him, they have to be within 5 feet, and make a DC 20 Notice check, but even then they'll just have a general sense something's there (i.e., not enough to accurately land a blow, so they'll have a 50% miss chance). If they can make a DC 40 Notice check, then they can spot him well enough to accurately land a blow (i.e., no miss chance, just regular attack vs. defense).

(The Enhanced Stealth he has there is to go with the Hide in Plain Sight, so that people with Counters Concealment super-senses don't automatically see through his cloak.)

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Right, no way they can make the DC 40 Notice check, and they are not close to make the DC 20 Notice check, so they dismount and approach slowly. And note, they are also considerably larger than the good Dok. By about two feet. :D

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