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Occupational Hazards (OOC)


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And incidentally, this is what she's saying, to anyone who can understand Gaelic or can translate it with OO-WEE-OO powers. EDIT: And further translations, not including the English bits:

"You're Crow! I knew you'd be here, the spirit world told me I'd find you here! The Fomorians took my friends, you must help me!"

"Uhh....miss, could you slow down and explain a little...well...clearer? And let me go?"

"Sorry, sorry! It was Fomorians, dozens of them! My sisters, they live in the park; under rock and in stream, I heard them screaming for help as I walked in the wind...when I got there, I saw the last of my sisters being dragged underground by this...hideous creature! She screamed that they were Fomorians, and I'd heard you'd fought them before, so I came to find you, and here you are, and we need help!"

"Wait, how many Fomorians did you say?"

"I only caught a glimpse, but it would've had to be many to kidnap my sisters! Dozens! Hundreds!"

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