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Raylis - Sphinx - PL10 Hero

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Players Name: Raylis

Power Level: 10

Trade-Offs: none

Unspent PPs: 0

Hero Points: 2

Characters Name: Alexandria “Lexi†Monroe

Alternate Identity: Sphinx

Height: 5’7†/ 5’10: as Sphinx

Weight: 110 / 115 as Sphinx

Hair: Blonde / Black as Sphinx

Eyes: Green / Blue as Sphinx

Age: 16

Occupation: High School Student


A slim sixteen year old girl, she usually wears her shoulder blade length blonde hair loose. She wears a pair of oval reading glasses and is usually dressed in a pair of khakis and a button up blouse. A small tattoo of a khopesh is inscribed on her right wrist.

As Sphinx her hair is a dark shimmering black and her eyes are the color of a deep ocean. She wears a white Egyptian cotton cloth as an “X†over her breasts and a white skirt around her hips that only falls to her upper thigh. Around her wrists are gold bracers which extend to her elbows in a scale pattern, the large golden scaled belt is worn around her waist is pared with a thick gold necklace. She wears a pair of tan sandals, the straps crossing around her shin and calves.


Alexandria’s mother, Caroline Monroe, was an archeology grad student who was lucky enough to join a dig in Egypt where she met the handsome and enticing Thomas, an Englishman also working on the dig. Although a distraction, the man was not an entirely unwelcome one; the pair spent several nights together until she returned home to Freedom City. Unknown to Caroline, Thomas was in reality a super villain known as Obelisk who was hoping the dig would unearth, so it was no surprise that he gave Caroline false contact information which prevented her from informing him she was pregnant.

Fortunately Caroline was able to secure a position as an Assistant Curator at the Hunter Museum of Natural History in the Egyptology department, an d raised her daughter, named after the famous city of Alexandria, alone.

Alexandria, Lexi to her few friends, is every bit her mother’s daughter. From a young age she became fascinated with history, especially that of Ancient Egypt, and spent the majority of her free time either at the library or at the Hunter Museum of Natural History.

While she was helping her mother put together a new display for the Egyptology Department, Alexandria opened a box containing a Khopesh; the weapon was in surprisingly good condition and there was a small hieroglyph at the base of the hilt. She picked it up to get a better look at the glyph and attempt to decipher it and the weapon began to emit golden light.

Alexandria found herself in the desert at the base of a large Temple. Dozens of people, all dressed in the garb of Ancient Egypt, surrounded her, but none seemed to notice her. A burial procession was taking place and as she looked at the sarcophagus that passed her, she somehow knew it was Prince Heru-Ra. As she watched the body of the prince enter the pyramid another, sharper image caught her attention. It was the Khopesh she had just held minutes before! The man holding it was a solider, and he was saying something to himself as he stared away from the pyramid.

Alexandria moved toward him, appearing next to him and the khopesh in an instant. The man was preying asking the Gods for his Prince’s safe travel into the afterlife, the strength to find Tan-Aktor and end the traitor’s life and defend the kingdom.

As suddenly as before Alexandria found herself back in the museum, the khopesh no longer glowing. Shaking the experience off as nothing but her over active imagination and fatigue, Alexandria finished setting up the last part of the display and went home not realizing that she bore and image of the sword on the underarm of her right wrist. That night she dreamed; a creature with the hindquarters of a lion, the wings of an eagle and the face and breast of a beautiful dark haired woman with blue eyes, a sphinx, asked if she would be the answer to the long sought after prayer to be a champion for the light and Heru-Ra.

She woke the next morning the dream more vivid then any other and went about the day as usual, albeit distracted by the sphinx’s question, the glowing sword, the vision and the dream. That day after school on her way home she saw a group of bullies pick on a younger student. Upset by their actions and at her own powerlessness she had her answer; she would take up the offered mantle and be a champion for good. In response to her decision the image of the khopesh glowed and she transformed into a dark haired, blue eyed woman in a white outfit.

She easily drove off the bullies and flew off, ready to be a champion for good.


Sphinx’s eyes glow gold whenever she engages her Telepathy with someone. When using her Telekinesis a vibrant golden glow surrounds both her hands and whatever is being affected by Telekinesis.

Stats: 26pp

STR 10(+0) (0 PP)

DEX 16 (+3) (6 PP)

CON 14 (+2) (4 PP)

INT 16 (+6) (6 PP)

WIS 16 (+3) (6 PP)

CHA 14 (+2) (4 PP)


BAB: +5

Grapple: + 5

Attack /Damage: Telekinetic Blast + 10 (DC 25, +10 Damage, 20 Crit) or Mental Blast (DC 20, +5 Damage)

BDB: +5

DEF: 20 (10 + 5 Base + 5 Dodge Focus) (12 flat footed)

Knockback: - 5

Initiative: +7


Toughness: +10 (2 Con + 3 Defensive Roll +5 Protection)

Fortitude: +9 (7 Base + 2 Con) (7 PP)

Reflex: +10 (7 Base + 3 Dex) (7 PP)

Will: +11 (8 Base + 3 Wis) (8 PP)


Acrobatics +9 (6 Ranks, +3 Dex)

Computers +9 (6 Ranks, +3 Int)

Concentration +9 (6 Ranks, +3 Wis)

Knowledge (History) +10 (7 Ranks, +3 Int)

Knowledge (Current Events) +7 (4 Ranks, +3 Int)

Language (Egyptian, Hieroglyphs) (2 Ranks)

Notice +8 (5 Ranks, +3 Wis)



Attack Focus (Ranged) 5

Defensive Roll 3

Dodge Focus 5

Improved Initiative



Comprehend 2 (Languages, Linked to Telepathy)

Flight 4 (100mph, winged)

Protection 5

Telekinesis 10 (Effective Strength 50, Light Load 4 Tons, Precise)

Alternate Power (Blast 10)

Telepathy 10

Alternate Power (Mental Blast 5)


Normal Identity (3pts)


Costs: Abilities (26) + Combat (20) + Saves (22) + Skills (9) + Feats (16) + Powers (60) - Drawbacks (3) = 150/150 Total Cost

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There are some problems with her origin story: First, Tan'Aktor and Heru-Ra died together in mortal kombat. Second, Heru-Ra never sent out any kind of call for others to aid him. In fact, his one fatal flaw was his arrogance. Even after death, when the Egyptian gods were about to cast Tan'Aktor's traitorous ass into oblivion, Heru-Ra had the audacity to stand in front of the gods and tell them that no one else, not even they, deserved to mete out Tan'Aktor's punishment more than Heru-Ra himself. Which is why they launched both souls into the cosmic equivalent of a dogfight in the first place.

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If you read the origin again, it wasn't Heru-Ra who was asking the gods for a champion, but one of his generals.

Everything that I read in the Freedom City book was vague on what exactly happened between Heru-Ra and Tan-Aktor other than the betrayal; where did you find the specifics?

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Everything that I read in the Freedom City book was vague on what exactly happened between Heru-Ra and Tan-Aktor other than the betrayal; where did you find the specifics?

Everywhere. In preparation for playing Heru-Ra himself, I scoured every M&M supplement's Freedom City fluff for mention of either him or Tan'Aktor. Agents of Freedom has a surprisingly large amount of information on them, as do the first two FC Atlas supplements.

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