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Dr Archeville

[Masks Vignette] Victory

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December 12, 2010


The Iceberg, Beneath Freedom City Federal Building, Early Morning:


"Lieutenant Factor reporting, sir!" Victory, already in his harness and dressed in his AEGIS standard uniform, saluted his superior. It was time for the morning Briefing before he goes out on patrol. He waited, his salute frozen on his body, until the officer gives him the word. Even then, Lieutenant Factor kept straight up, holding his hands behind his back in standard fashion. He stood very still, something made far easier by the fact that he can simply lock his joints into place, other than his right arm and neck. As he received his briefing, Lieutenant Factor kept full attention, answering briefly, only when he was asked questions directly.


The briefing was rather short this morning, and when it was over, Lieutenant Factor saluted again, and turned on his foot and exited the room. As soon as he was out of the door, he removed his hat, and began to unbutton the top of his uniform, heading towards his special changing room....



Downtown Freedom City, 11:00 am


"Thank you, mister!" The little girl was glad to be back with her family once again, and gave her silver savior a big hug around the neck. victory, a smile on his face, gave her a pat on her back as she hugged him. When she pulls away, he holds up his hand, and, from a small compartment in his wrist, a lolipop springs up, and his fingers catch it. "Not a problem! You were very brave." Handing her the lolipop, the girl happily takes it, as Victory stands up straight, the soot from the fire falling off his body. As the girl ran over to see her family, her grand father approached him. "Thank you so much for saving my granddaughter, Victory! We didn't think she was going to get out in time..." With his big, heroic smile on his face, Victory carefully pats the old man on the shoulder with his right hand. "All part of my job, sir."


With a nod, he turns and gets ready to take off, when he's stopped by a news camera.


"Victory! Victory! Can we get a word?"


He stops right before take-off, his engines cooling back down. Turning, he puts on his "hero-pose", with his fists against his hips, keeping his elbows wide. "Of course! Only for a moment, though. I must be getting back to my patrol."


"Of course. What do you think about the city's latest...."


Riverside, 10:00 PM


"Split up and stay low! he can't get a-AUGH!" The burglar's escape was cut off by a blinding light blasting in front of his face. In the darkness, their pursuer's lights seemed ominous, almost unnatural. The light gleaming from Victory's visor practically bore a hole through the criminal, who was all but paralyzed in fear.


"Drop your weapons and surrender yourselves. Now."


The man who got caught right in front didn't seem to be able to figure out what to do. And for that matter, neither did his cohorts behind him. Thinking that they may have a chance to escape, they immediately take off in different directions,heading down the various adjacent alleys. As soon as they do, the one unlucky enough to be right in front of the flying officer unloaded his pistol, screaming. The bullets bounce off harmlessly, and he's barely able to get more than two off before the pistol, and indeed his entire hand, is caught in a crushing metal grip. He didn't have to feel it for very long, though, before a sudden strike against his skull turns his entire world dark. His partners wouldn't fare much better, as they'd find themselves swiftly hunted and brought down.


The Iceberg, 12:30 AM, December 13


The whirring and pistoning of the machine finally ends, as Victory's apparatus finishes disconnecting from the rest of his body. Sore, but released from the machine after a 30-minute process, Lance grabbed a hold of the strap dangling above his head.


"Alright, sir, you're clear."


"Thanks." Hoisting his body up, Lance shifted himself over, landing in the pants suspended up for him to lower in to, and on to his motorized wheelchair right after. Settled in, Lance let out a sigh, and turned the stick mounted into his arm rest to face his mechanic. "Take good care of 'er, Johnson."


"Yes, Lieutenant."


Lance gives the man a salute, and started his way out the door and back to his bunk. He stopped for a moment, and turned his head to look back at the mechanic. "By the way, will you be at the Holiday party?"


"Afraid not, sir. I've already got plans with my family that day."


"Ah. Oh well, then. Make sure to enjoy yourself."


"Of course, sir. See you tomorrow."


One final salute between the two, and Lance makes his way back to his room. He was able to keep a private one, unlike most of the others who have to stay on-base. Moving his chair up to the bunk, he hefts his body up with one hand, swinging on to the bed. Bringing the covers up, Lance sighs, and shakes his head. "Just another day...." he flicked off the lights, and closed his eyes for a well-earned rest.

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