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Dr Archeville

[PSA Vignette] Supercape: "Radiation is Safe!"

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3rd December, City Hall, Central Freedom City.


Public Service Announcement: Radiation is safe!


Supercape landed as elegantly as he can in the recording studio, and promptly changed his magnificent blue and white cape into a pristine lab coat. It had become a sort of second costume for him now, with all the work he was doing at the lab, and he was almost as well known for it as he was his traditional cape outfit.


His mask remained, as did his blue and white shirt and trousers. His cape had gone, and a pure brilliant white classic lab coat had took its place. It was unnaturally white, as if a hundred washing up powder advertisers had all gone to work on it.


He was greeted, rather stiffly, by a middle aged studio executive, a Rodney Riverwood, who gave Supercape a curt handshake and stuffed a script in his hand.


"Right then" he started, in a no nonsense manner. "Thanks you all your work with the Lab, you have been volunteer... err... elected that is, by the departments of security, health, and energy, to give a public service announcement to the people of America. "


"Don't know why we need a brit like yourself, but from what I understand, you are all radioactive or something, and the public would take it from you best. Can't say you would have been my first choice, but what do I know, I have only been doing this thirty years. "


He coughed, not meeting Supercape's eyes. "Anyway, take a look at the script, we roll in 5. I'm sure a bright chap like you can memorise it all, or something. "


And with that, Mr. Riverwood strode off.


Supercape was rather shocked. He didn't quite know what to make of Mr. Riverwood, other than the obvious conclusion that the man didn't want to be here, and was in a foul mood. He gazed at the script he was given, scanning it quickly. It looked straightforward enough, in that the message was clear. The facts, well, they looked like they had been contorted, bent and distorted enough to only just hold on to the definition of fact - and only if one was feeling generous and wasn't looking too hard.


"Just relax, and read of the Autocue" called out RIiverwood, from a megaphone.


"And 3...2...1...Action!"


Supercape looked around and coughed. Of course, he was fairly used to public speaking. Didn't like it much, but he could delivery an acceptable oratory. In a curious way, talking into a camera was somewhat easier, as he wasn't aware of the multitude of eyes on him, as he would be in a lecture hall.




"Hello. You may know me as the hero Supercape, from Freedom City. You may also know that I am one of the heroes who run the Lab, one of the finest scientific institutes in the world, and home to some of the finest heroes, who work tirelessly ensuring that our fine countries science continues to advance, in a safe, secure, and...err.... family-friendly..... way"




"You have probably heard, and may be concerned about the nuclear reactors that supply this country with energy. Like the electricity that lights and warms your homes, or even powers the televisual sets you are watching this on friendly laugh.... oh...I mean hahahaha. "




"I am hear to reassure that radiation is a perfectly...safe...and...harmless...method of producing energy. All the nuclear reactors are fully protected from any assault, with failsafes for every eventuality and round the clock security cut to stock footage...oh..."


"But if the worst should happen, and there is a problem, what should you know? Well, radiation comes in all forms. Light, for instance is a radiation, in this case, from a particle called protons. In nuclear reactors, other types of radiation may be emitted. This type of radiation is something you can't see, so remember: even if you can't see it, if you alerted to a radiation hazard, you must emphasis take all precautions. "


"If you can, evacuate from the area as soon as possible. Heavy metal lining, such as lead, can help shield you from hazardous radiation. Seek medical attention once it is safe to do so. Decontamination procedures can help. Once in a safe area, remove all clothing and items that may have been exposed to radiation, and if possible, scrub and bathe yourself thoroughly. "


"Remember pause radiation is safe, but invisible and dangerous. Hold on, that's straight out of George Orwell's 1984..."



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