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A Moving Day Christmas (OOC)

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Ok, think I need to post a description of the building for you mooks. ;)

So, Lazarus Auto Repair is a small, one-floor building in Midtown Freedom City. From the outside, it looks pretty rundown, no sign except for an old and faded A-t- Re-air above the garage doors. Two huge garage doors sit side by side on the building's front, one of them now fully open, the other one closed with some rubble (a now reduced pile) in front of it. A single smaller door sits to the right (viewing from the front), leading into a small reception and office. On the left side of the office (walking in) are two huge windows looking over a big garage area, pretty much empty except for rubble and junk, and an old rusted car chassis. In the middle of the floor are two long holes, rectangular in shape, with a small ladder going down attached to each one. A trapdoor is also at the back of the big garage room. There is a big pile of junk in the back left corner, obscuring what looks like a back door.

Opening the trapdoor or going down one of the ladders leads to the mechanic's pit basement. It's slightly smaller than the garage room upstairs, with three doors in various spots. Two of them, upon opening, show nothing but empty storage rooms, and bare concrete floor. The third storage room has some junk on the inside, mostly rusted car parts, and a manhole in the centre. One of the first two rooms actually has a cot and a paraffin stove on the inside, along with some camping supplies.

So, sound homey?

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