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Beginning of New Things (OOC)

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OOC for this thread.

This is not a shame pseudo-fight. Clad charges, Strikes, goes full Power Attack.


And misses, horribly. Would've hit 10, if I had figured in the Charge bonus, but still doesn't hit the thief.

Ini time!

Initiative (1d20+3=8)

:shock: :? :(

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Doctor Hobo

Initiative (1d20+5=22)


Ini for the thug


O.O Let's hope this trend reverse itself, shall we?

Thug delays until after the hobo goes, and the eeeeeevil hobo doctor is working on something that takes a standard action, but still manages to hunker down and get partial cover. Thug moves and initiates grapple on Ironclad.

Melee attack roll

Melee attack roll to initiate grapple (1d20+9=13)

Oh, wow. Even with her Defense suffering due to the Charge, that's a wiff.

Okay, Ini order is as follows.

Doctor Hobo --- Reconfiguring VP -- GM

Thug -- Missed Grapple -- GM

Dragonfly -- No injuries -- HP x2

Ironclad -- -2 Def -- HP x3

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Ironclad's up! She attacks!


Wiffs! :argh:

Hobo goes all Arachnophobia on Dragonfly


And misses! :argh:

Thug attempts Grapple again


More grabbing at air!

I'm gonna start rerolling these attacks if no one hits next round.

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First things first: Saves!

Toughness save vs DC 24 (1d20+9=19)

Well, that's a Bruise and a Stun. Just barely so.

Grapple check for Buddy

More grapples (1d20+10=27)

That one hits! Ironclad is now Bound and Helpless!

Clad shifts to S-Str and attempts to break free!

Opposed grappling check vs 27 (1d20+14=28)

And she breaks free! But I'm gonna negate that for DRAMA and she gets another HP.

Things are starting to tip one way and another, aren't they?

Doctor Hobo --- Bruised x1 & Stunned -- GM

Thug -- Grappling -- GM

Dragonfly -- No injuries -- HP x2

Ironclad -- Bound & Helpless! -- HP x4

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Dragonfly's friend is in trouble! To the rescue (maybe)!

Move Action - teleporting up to where Ironclad's being grappled.

Standard Action -

Melee Attack Roll vs. Zombie Hobo (Dimensional Pocket) (1d20 + 8=19)

Well, he has no dodge bonus against Dragonfly, so hopefully that hits. Let's hope zombies have bad saves! DC18 Reflex to not get pulled into Dragonfly's pockets.

If the attack works, she'll stay there. If the attack doesn't work, Dragonfly will go ahead and Turnabout back to her original position, to stay AWAY from that thing.

IC post pending on results.

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Zombie hobo has a DC18 will save to get out of Dragonfly's pocket.

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Ironclad is choking. If the hobo gets his way, Dragonfly will be too, soon. Grapple check.


Beats Dragonfly's Defense, if she can't do better.

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Heh. Without her toys Dragonfly has +4 defense, so yeah, that hits.

Grapple Check (1d20 + 4=6)

Yeaaaaaah, that's no good. Dragonfly begins her ten rounds of suffocation.

DC17 check for the zombie to get out of the pocket.

Dragonfly's turn: dang grapples!

Grapple Check (1d20 + 4=10)

Somehow I don't imagine he'll have trouble beating that, but she's gotta try! Post pending results.

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Hmmm. Time to get inventive, then!

Still Dragonfly's round. Try one: Extra Effort to reactivate her gauntlets.

Extra Effort: Second chance opposed Device check vs. Nullify (1d20 + 8=12)

....dang you, dice.

Opposed Device check REROLL vs. Nullify (1d20 + 8=14)

That's...better. Dragonfly loses one HP; 6->16 + 8 = 24 on Dragonfly's end of the check.

They're back on!

Horray! Her earlier grapple check (to escape) took a move action; she uses the rest of her turn as a second move action, to teleport the heck away from the crazy man.

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I'm assuming Ironclad's not going to resist, here, since she's in bad shape and weighed down by a lot of useless armor. Dragonfly's gonna run up and Pocket her - not the same pocket as zombie hobo! But Ironclad can probably admire her bike while she gets her breath back. Unless that nullify had +Dimensional, it also frees her suit from the nullifcation, and Dragonfly will be un-pocketing her ASAP.

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Cops go first, they attack...


... Okay, IC really loves the po-po. Perhaps I shouldn't've axed that detective character of mine.

Minions, unfortunately, cannot crit. But that hit pretty darn solidly. Toughness check DC 18


Aw. I was holding out hope.

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Toughness vs DC 24 (1d20+9=29)


Now, if everyone had been nice to the hulking monstrosity, he just would've gone home. Now he's gonna kick your ass.

Ranged attack roll (1d20+9=27)

Ooooo. Yeah, I think that hits. DC 24 Toughness

Cops are gonna Aid Action for Fly. Three try to boost her Def, three try to boost her Att,

1d20+3=11, 1d20+3=12, 1d20+3=10, 1d20+3=17, 1d20+3=9, 1d20+3=18

Yay for Aid Action. Fly's Defense goes up by +6, to 25. Her attack also goes up by +4.

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Toughness Save vs. Lightning, DC24 (1d20 + 7=16)

....why. Why, Invisible Castle? Why would you do this thing that you have done?

Fail by 8 - Dragonfly's bruised & stunned. Stun is BAD for Dragonfly, and her toughness sucks, so I'm gonna eat the bruise and use her last hero point to negate the stun.

Ranged Attack Roll vs. Zombie Hobo (blast; Aid Action bonus; Power Attack -2/+2) (1d20 + 8 + 4 - 2=14)


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Ranged Attack Roll vs. Zombie Hobo (blast; Aid Action bonus; Power Attack -2/+2) (1d20 + 8 + 4 - 2=19)

That's....better. DC24 Toughness save for Invisible Castle to laugh at and throw back in my face.

Also, move action to teleport back out of that thing's move distance. Torro! Torro!

EDIT: I am a foolish fool who fools foolishly. That should've been DC26. Power Attack, how does it work!

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